Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Spotlight: lavarois

He hates the gays, he wants to kill all the Muslisms, and Obama is both gay and a Muslim. So content-wise, he's nothing special. But his syntax...He's Freeper Yoda.

The gay CIA:
The CIA is busy staffing gays and wondering how to staff illegals than making predictions.
Gays in the military:
They go in showers and shop and then recommand and pimp behind people’s backs. Gay networking and entrapment is a sickness.
The government is trying to terrify people from driving:
Travel, cheap travel, is an essential part of driving the economy, from a local walking distance economy of about a couple miles, to bicycling 20 miles or 200 miles with a car.

Just like the airbag killing fiasco and seat belts constraining people from looking around killing bikers, the government is only interested in terror and driving people out of their business by making things unsafe and expensive.
No, I think that would be pretty new...
Trying to convert the pope to the latest cool muslim sin. Yep. Nothing new there from idiots.
More Pope:
The Chicago gay community porn smuggling thug is seeking the Pope to look the other way in Chicago and DC while blackmailing the church on pedophile scandals.

Scum of the earth is Obama.
University of Michigan:
Communist madness and genocide on the march, seeking no opposition to their smuggling language and twisted “natural” minds. Reminds me of the stubborn retarded people hung on Opium in China.
Not all up in the variety thing:
But communist madness is communist madness, they seek no opposition and genocide. There is a limit to this sort of smuggling but they do not think so, heck, it is their utopia.
Something about Russia? I have no idea.
Obama was wrong with the reset button in the first place. He should shut his yap.

Then a nuke terror strike madness in the US would not happen in a vacuum.

Russia and China would probably take advantage of the catastrophic situation to invade other places and overwhelm us.

What political correct trash are we being fed again?

This guy is playing with us and we are getting destroyed.

Even a black person with an attitude can understand that PC is stupid.
Now here is a metaphor:
GWB... as usual, RINOs dragged into Democrat smutt joyfully as if nothing was wrong like a little kid mag subscription turning hard core without its ratings changing.

The GOPe are a bunch of intellectual cowards lead by the nose into another WWIII siding with Hitler and Islanic codling KLA connections . They love the pimp guidance.
Truth needs official seal of Sorros approval... no smuggling fraud allowed... for real. (Sarcasm off)

I cannot believe the cynicism of the arrogant Bloomberg and co. Makes one wonder how he got his money.
? Does he have this backwards?
Under Obama the mafya is the tax payer.
Aaand gays.
Gays are like the Coocoo bird. THey lay their nests and the offspring kicks out the legit kids and good ways of God that bear fruit, and instead replace them with their evil.

But that is part of the government program to take over, just like Obamacare. There is nothing we can control when government becomes the speech.

It is a pipe dream to think that votes and legislations will get us to make the government do what we want it to do, whether gay or not.
Eh, he's no Diogenes.


  1. You had it right in your introduction ... "so content wise he's nothing special".

    He is the typical freeper in today's FR ...
    kooky, crazy, increasingly unhinged.

  2. OT, but these comments from a FOX News story about an Islamic church removing crosses from an unused Christian church they own are reminiscent of FR:

    1. The article itself:

    2. FR had some threads on that as well: Islamic group gets OK to cut crosses off NY church (Syracuse NY). The comments are a mix of hatred for Islam and deification of private property.

    3. If you ever get down to Charleston, SC be sure to go have a beer at the Mad River Bar & Grille which is housed in a big, old church building. Go in the day time though, at night it is jam packed with dancing 20 somethings.

      You know, the world really is coming to an end. Dancing. What next?!

    4. Old churches being converted into drinking/dancing establishments (and rampant drug markets, see the history of the "Limelight" in New York) is all OK with conservatives ... because they are all drinkers, dancers (and, in many cases, drug users).

    5. Dancing 20 somethings? As someone who just turned 25, I don't mind that yet!

  3. Feral NIGGER savages beat innocent white man to near hate crimes lol..

    1. That's fine, anon. But please be sure to talk this way out in public, not just when you are hiding behind a pseudonym on the internet. Say it loud and proud!

      America is a free country. You are free to have any old opinion you like. It's OK. You are going to make the Republicans a regional party in doing so. That's OK too.

    2. I'm only writing what most people believe ..even liberals deep down inside..

    3. They should be hunted down and dealt with, assuming the story is accurate. Seeing as it is from the Daily Fail, I'd not bet on that. Always consider the source.

      I'd thank you not to use the word feral though.

    4. The story is true. First of all, the police are actively searching for the attackers:

      "This senseless vigilante style attack is not the essence of who we are as Detroiters and will not be tolerated," Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said. "We are asking all Metro Detroiters to demonstrate our true character by exercising calm and patience during this emotionally charged time."

      Duggan called on the community to keep Utash and Harris in their prayers.

      "We also are calling on members of our community who know the individuals involved in this brutal attack to step forward so that justice can be served and healing can begin," Duggan said.

      Sgt. Michael Woody says the driver is from the Detroit suburb of Roseville and wasn't at fault in the accident.

      Woody says investigators Friday were canvassing the neighborhood, seeking identities of the attackers."

      There's no telling what they will be charged with. First, they have to be found. At a minimum, I'm sure they'll be charged with attempted homicide and robbery, or homicide if the guy doesn't pull through. Maybe it was a hate crime, or maybe they just beat the shit out of the guy because they saw him hit an 11-year-old. They're still wrong, and they should all be put away forever.

      Secondly, a local woman from another town in the same state was just attacked this week by some jerks who recognized her from TV coverage of gay couples getting married. They called out hey bitch, are you that dyke from TV? Or something to that effect, then punched her unconscious and kicked her. As far as I know, the suspects have not been charged with a hate crime either, though they haven't been found. But that's pretty clearly an unprovoked hate crime. Do you agree?

      I thought people like you, anon1, don't believe in hate crimes because all violent crimes are hate crimes. Right?

    5. "I'm only writing what most people believe ..even liberals deep down inside.."
      Wrong again, anon1. Like most Freepers, all you do is project your ugly thoughts and deeds onto everyone else. That's why you people do nothing but complain, and never have anything constructive to say about anything.

    6. @anon 6:24 PM

      Thank you. My google fu failed :(

    7. You're welcome, EC. I live in Detroit, and the public is following this story very closely. This nonsense that "nobody covers black-on-white crime" is just that -- nonsense. It gets plenty of coverage. Sane people put the blame where it belongs, on the individuals who committed the crimes, and not on a whole class of people. Guys like anon1 are just spoiling for some kind of fight, when I suspect that they're not even sure what they really want.

    8. I'd proffer my sympathy for living in Detroit, but you've heard it a million times before and are probably sick of it. (Yes, tongue in cheek, not serious - you knew I had to go there.).

      Every crime should be covered, at least at the local level.Got cop friends and they love that - sure, you get a bunch of false leads, but basically you are expanding the BOLO to every person who watches the news.

    9. Well, I don't live in Detroit, but close enough to follow the news. Crimes are covered here extensively - I daresay that's about all we cover. And that's my point. This bullshit that certain "crimes" get no ink is ludicrous. Not only are all crimes, regardless of the identity of the perp, covered here ad nauseam, on radio, in print, on TV, and online, but they're also often picked up as national news. Hell, I've seen multiple stories now about the local park where someone is pooping on the playground equipment. Yeah, you heard me. That's national news. I guess that's a hate crime, too, anon1? Sheesh.

    10. I know what you mean, and the claim is total bollocks. Every crime gets plenty of ink - the smaller the community (or the worse the crime) the more ink it gets.

      You know what would be nice? One day of the year when every single media outlet only reported positive stories. I mean - just one day. Not too much to ask, is it?
      Were in Syria last year (I volunteer for MsF pretty much yearly). We'd take reporters out on the runs some times. While they were busy getting reaction stories and horror stories, there were people of all ages and religions not 15 feet away, working the food line, eating together, working together. Sitting and joking. Never one damned word about that comes out.

      Sorry, pet peeve.

    11. Good for you, EC. That sounds wonderful (not to mention brave). Just once, I wish the freep crowd would talk about something positive that didn't have to do with shooting someone for breaking and entering. It's the only thing in this world that cheers them.

    12. "“Consequently, I am calling on all activists, march organizers, protest promoters, representatives of the people, speech makers, candidates for public office, ancestral worshippers, talk show hosts, and protectors and defenders of Detroit to prove that we equally deplore injustice and unbridled brutality no matter what color the victim is or of the one committing it,” Sheffield said.
      The world is not as bad as you would like it to be, anon1. Two of the suspects have already been caught, police are still looking for the rest, and people have already donated $65K to this man's medical fund. I hope he will eventually recover. See, if you go looking for only bad news to validate your prejudices -- and Freerepublic really is just a cauldron for that type of thing, because it brings in traffic -- if you're only looking for bad news, that's all you'll find.

    13. Hate is easy, anyone can do it. Empathy and compassion is hard.

      Not going to preach, but I will say that God talked to me once or twice (If atheist, replace God with subconscious, can live with that). I were bitching about something - can't remember what, but it were some shithole in Africa - and this voice, clear as anything, said to me "What the fuck are you going to do about it." Not a question - a demand.
      That's the thing. What do you do about injustice, poverty, fear, hate? The answer is - whatever you can. I guess.

      Every single day, millions of people try to make life better. Doesn't have to be much. Smile and say thank you to the person who serves your coffee. A nod as you let someone merge in to your lane, or as you wait the 2 seconds it takes for someone to cross in front of you in the car park before you pull out.
      I'd just like to hear more of the good news stuff.

    14. You've been awfully quiet, anon1, so I will assume it's because you're disappointed that the attackers in this case have, in fact, been apprehended and charged with hate crimes.

  4. euphgeek hates niggersApril 4, 2014 at 2:36 PM

    Yay niggers!

    1. I don't know why, but when I read your comment, that silly 70s song "Up, Up With People" sprang into my head. Inappropriate.


    Witness above, the Butterdezillion death March. Being that a griftathon is ongoing, RimJob probably won't zot her right now, but it coming. She's going toe to toe with Rimboy and almost making him look less nuts than her

    1. I've been following her tirades for a few weeks. She really, really wants people to admit that Loretta Fuddy was secretly killed by hidden frogment. And also faked her own death and is living in a secret house somewhere. Both at the same time. Does not understand why it is not possible to believe in both of these things at the same time.

  6. Yeah I saw that, its been going on since yesterday, and it appeared butterdezillion saved her ass from a zot ...

    but that wasn't good enough for JimRob's favorite lick-spittle humblegunner. He kept goading butterdezillion on while snitching back to JimRob.
    She's ended up cooking her own goose by today.

  7. American Constitutionalist seems to have had some trouble with women,

    "Just like the Feminists who have trained women going around to do just that ? to destroy men’s careers all in the war of revenge against men ?"

    Of course, that could be because he is batshit crazy,

    "Notice the template ? the mantra of the left now ?
    If you deny global warming, you need to be jailed...
    Now ? if you are against homosexuality, or those who are for gun rights ? you need to be put in a mental institution.
    Yup, just like the 1030s, 1940s Europe and Nazi Germany....
    Let's see ? where does this lead to ? you last train ride to a concentration camp ?
    State sponsored genocide ?";brevity=full;options=no-change

    1. People like him always overreact to having their point of view and orthodoxy challenged. For a crowd that claims to be founded on "liberty," including freedom of speech, they sure do handle it poorly sometimes.

  8. On the theme of guano crazy but with extra RimJob baiting you might want to peruse this thread,,,,,

    The whole thread is full of crunchy goodness but from this point it really starts to get good.

    Butterdezillion is not only in flow but is questioning the whole Freeper grift then unlike traditional questioners of Rimmerm she not only doesn't get the zot, others of the collective start in on Jim.

    Enjoy.... 8-)

    1. Gosh, they get a little touchy when butteredzillion starts talking about the money FR takes in.

      RimJob is a hoot. butteredzillion asks for all her money back, he replies,

      "Your prior donations have already been used to pay expenses, Thanks. If you wish me to stop your current monthly, please let me know and I will cheerfully do so.

      By the way, if you wish to own your own forum it’s very easy to set one up. They even have free (or low cost) forum services now days. You don’t have to program your own or even own your own servers anymore like you did when I created this one. Just sign up for google cloud and go for it. Forum ownership is open to anyone."

      Well, gee, Jim, why should anyone send you money then?

      L, O, fucking, L

    2. LOL......he's got such a big mouth he's telling on himself but most Freepers are too dense and in denial to notice.

    3. "By the way, if you wish to own your own forum it’s very easy to set one up."

      Love it. I post a lot on another conservative forum (GOPBR) and the owners will sometimes say, "Cash is a bit tight for us this year, we need $100 to keep the domain and cover the bandwidth." Fair enough, they are both retired and run it as a hobby.

      The last two times, I sent a donation in and got it refunded with the message "Thank you, but we are covered for the year."

      So, yeah, Jim. $340,000 a year? Please, tell us about it.

    4. This post is the last one butterdezillion made on FR, at 4:00 AM Saturday morning.

      It is total lunacy, posted to herself but she keeps talking to a "Raicha", who doesn't seem to exist.

      I really think this bizarre "Fuddy" story of hers has driven her over the edge of sanity.

    5. Odd.

      The only Raicha I know of off the top of my head is Russian. It's not a name - it's a diminutive. Sort of like using Sasha for Alexandria.

      But yep - reading that, she dove off the deep end. Hoping she had one too many "adult beverages"

    6. Ah this is classic BitterDelusional.....

      "Raicha" is a poster over at the forum, The Fogbow who discussed some of the guano crazy posts of BZ.

      For reasons that only make sense to Bitter, she could have posted a rebuttal at The Fogbow (they wouldn't have barred her) but instead chose to post at Freeperville.....Where Raicha isn't a member and probably never reads BZ's insanity....

      Oh, as an aside, BZ and her little band of Flying Monkeys regard The Fogbow as a place of unspeakable evil etc as they make mock of loons and Birthers. Not infrequently she casts it all in Hobbit speak, I jest not, with her as a doughty Frodo and TFB as Mordor etc.....

      She also seems to have a bit of a problem with the whole bearing false witness thing seeing it as a requirement not an admonition....Not the best of attitudes for a ministers wife

  9. JimRob hides behind Jesus (again)

    During a freepathon, especially when things get slow (like this one has been from the start), JimRob starts posting threads like crazy, just to remind everyone he's still alive (there's actually some doubt about that).

    You can tell when he's really getting desperate. He panics and starts getting all religious, and posting threads like that above.

    JimRob, the unholiest and wickedest grifter in California (and that's saying something) finds Jesus, knowing full well the holier-than-thou pharisees on FR are the easiest marks to shake a few dimes from.

    1. Sounds just like the Taliban to my ears. Railing against apostates, or infidels, or people thinking impure thoughts, or whatever. I'm so glad I live in a country where we have a constitution that prevents people like Jim Robinson can't get at me based on their whims of right and wrong. Yet.

  10. $340,000 a year. For what? An internet forum?

    Does Free Republic do any charity work? Do they donate to political causes? Do they sponsor rallies? What exactly do they freaking DO with all that money?

    1. No, no, they used to, and no one knows, to take them in order. :)

      Hell - someone hits a bit of a hard time (not a stretch - we have ALL had those) and you can't even mention it to people you have known for a decade or so on pain of the Zot.

      They used to do the odd rally - but that was more members getting together and just doing it. For years they'd picket Walter Reed Memorial - not in a bad way, but with signs supporting the troops and thanking them for their sacrifice. Remember seeing them when I were visiting a friend - the signs certainly put a smile on my face! His too - we went out for a coffee (dude was going nuts in the same four walls) and everyone wanted to shake his hand and say thank you.

      But mostly now - the money goes in and disappears. Jim has never exactly been forthcoming about where it goes - yet I'd point out he has a rather nice home, significantly nicer that I can afford (I retired 14 grades above him).

      People started calling him on it in 2012. He added money for new servers to two of the griftathons and that seemed to be the breaking point for a lot of people.

      Don't forget, none of the mod squad or the griftathon cheerleaders get paid. No one gets paid to post content. Some of the brightest and best conservative commentors were giving their time and talent for free.

      If you are really curious, well, it's an LLC. Has to publicly file it's income with the IRS and that information is available for a small fee. Me - he conned me out of a few bucks - I got the satisfaction of telling him exactly what I thought of him, so it's a wash in my mind.