Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lets kill all the liberals

Tanks, Anonymous!

Despite Freeper's hard work to decide that they are all liberals, mass shooters are nuts first and foremost; their politics are a secondary concern, if that. But Freepers are at least a little crazy - their constructed righteousness has reached the point that they really do celebrate the murder of non-Freepers.

Thus, their smug satisfaction at the increasing murders of environmental activists around the world:

crazyhorse691 - unless you kill activists, they will pass wacky laws!
It's a start.

Left unchecked entire swaths of the world would be set aside for Dinosaur preservation.
dalereed can always be counted on to be angry and apathetic.
Tell me about it when the number is in the milions and rising!!!

900+ isn’t a drop in the bucket.
Poor coldphoenix is on the wrong site.
I like how half of the comments totally ignore the whole post and just read the title and are happy about the killing...

way to go freepers.. keep it up!

Dude seems to be Indian American, and joined 2011. He seems like a character.

Paladin2 just sticks to his fictional persecution:
BAmmy B keeping drug dealers in the 'hood free.

just check with E. H0lder....
wardaddy really approves of the French CIA???
Cry me a dammed up river

We need more Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure....not less
PGR88 just blames the government for everything, including the existence of pollution.
All corruption has its root in big government. If environmentalists are being killed anywhere, it is because government and its cronies are trying to protect a racket. Would any American environmentalist admit though that socialism and nanny-statism actually cause the problems they are seeking to fix? Doubtful.


  1. Ozzie - have a snickers. You are channeling your inner Putin there .... :P

    1. If you sense something different, I did write this one right when I woke up on Tuesday.

      But have no fear, I'm not angry - just as bemused as always.

    2. :D

      Don't know how you do it, to be honest. School, work, trawling FR - the odd typo is going to happen.

      And thank you.

    3. Ah, if you mean the 'tanks,' that was on purpose - I swear!

      Freep is a vice for me, I'd be reading it anyway, so I might as well put it online with some witty commentary.

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    5. Oh, can you delete out the link please once you read it?

    6. Done.

      You are certainly better at creative writing than I am! I need someone else to play off of myself.

  2. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed it - though creative .... not so much.

    You can always hit me up - decent editor too, once I get your voice down. Thing I always hate about editors - they shift the tone, even without meaning to.

    1. FWIW, I've found that the happiest people are artists and scientists.

      While I really enjoy hanging out with creative types, I'll admit my capacity for inspiration is kinda muted. I have no itch that creative writing scratches.

      The only times I am taken over by a muse are
      1) cooking
      2) talking
      3) writing sarcastic things on the Internet.

      My lack of creativity is actually one of the reasons I left my physics PhD program - beyond understanding where you are (which I was a bit shaky on to begin with), you need to make an intuitive leap into the unknown, which I could tell I was never going to do.

      So I'm back at school learning to talk for science, which so far is something I'm enjoying day to day, and which scratches my ambition.
      If I can find a way to make money soon, I'll be all set!

    2. Teach. I did it for a few years - still do odd times (though not in the way you might think). I can't think of a better thing than when your see the "Oh, SHIT! I GET IT!" in their eyes. Best feeling ever. Though most of my kids would say that out loud, they were fuckers and not exactly from the best side of town! :D

      Creativity is one of those odd things. Indefinable, really. You either have it, or you don't, but you never know until you try. Just got off the phone with my Dad. He's an engineer. Was bitching tonight about not being able to get a color right on a painting - he only started painting after he retired.

      I reckon you have a novel or two in you, if your interest spans that way.

    3. Oh, I love teaching. Being a TA in physics was my favorite part of grad school. Well, that and living with hippies...

      But alas I have some irrational ambition that is unsatisfied by teaching. Rationally I know that nothing makes more of a difference, but something in me doesn't care, and I would be forever just a little bit unfulfilled if I went into teaching.
      But it is my backup plan.

      My Mom wants me to write some plays with her. She'd handle the dialogue (she's an actress), I'd be there to bounce ideas around with her.
      We should get around to that.

    4. I dunno. You have an ear for dialogue. You'd wind up fighting. But you do have an ear for the descriptive, too.

      Your compass hasn't settled yet. Old and fairly esoteric reference. You've got a whole damned world in front of you, and are not sure where North is.

      You'll work it out.

    5. Yeah, I am really excited about my current trajectory of this past 18 (since I returned to school).

      I don't stress, but I am 34, high time I picked a career and settled down.

    6. 34 ain't that old. I started writing (my joy) in my mid 50s.

      Just remember one thing - settling down is not the same as settling. The first is pleasant - the second you will resent.

  3. are the one that is weird..spending all your time tracking posters on a site and making blog post that ..what 5-10..maybe 15 people read..

    You really need to get a life

    1. No, anon1.

      You never did something just for the sheer fun of it?

    2. You never did something just for the sheer fun of it?

      Sure, but filtering through thousands of comments on a web site and saving them and posting them on a blog is a bit strange..don't you think? If it had thousands of viewers I could see.

      Doing this every so often..fine but every day..weird.

    3. No offense, anon1, but why do YOU spend so much time reading a blog that 10-15 people read? Curiosity? You must get something out of it. I do. I just think it's fun. That's reason enough, don't you think?

    4. The Silent ThrongApril 17, 2014 at 4:25 AM

      I'm pretty sure this is read by many more than 10-15 people - I got this link from a while back and read it religiously, as do many other Farkers. Keep up the good work Ozy - this blog makes for fun reading every day.

    5. anonB wins everything.

      Also, anon1 admitted to being a troll because he gets a rise out of the responses.

  4. Going on a blog you think is pointless every day and posting pithy dismissive comments on that blog is a bit strange..don't you think? If it had thousands of viewers I could see.

    Whether it's got ten readers or ten thousand, I love the blog Ozy. Your levelheaded presentation of Freepers' groupthink and eccentricities is one of my favorite regular stops on the internet.