Friday, May 30, 2014

Spotlight Friday: demshateGod

He's a pretty typical Freeper, except he's under 40. Mid 30s in fact. And has quite a few anecdotes of the 90s, seen through the eyes of a Freeper. It's...weird. I mean, I know there were a few young Freepers, statistically speaking, but to see someone so bitter about America already? I'm a bit shaken, like this guy isn't old and used up, he could do something.

Theocracies treat their veterans super well:
This is happening because the people running the government are godless. Therefore, they want this to happen.
I had brief foray into gangsta rap
I had brief foray into gangsta rap in my teenage years which coincided with Tupac’s career. I had the tape that contained the song “Holla if ya hear me” that song is totally satanically inspired. The lyrics and the music work together brilliantly to conjure violence. It’s only by the grace of God we got through the 90’s without things being much worse.
Maybe that 'Heil Hitler' guy who shot up the Jewish center was a Muslim!
He looks Iranian to me. Maybe Syrian.
Obama has two goals
Obama has two goals. He and his handlers have worked hard to make the two goals coincide: Harm America and allies, enrich himself. Every decision he makes is based on those two. He’s leaving troops there because, either someone paid him for it, or he hopes more troops will get killed. If they’re in Ft. Sill, Ft. Riley, or Ft. Hood, it’s harder to get them killed without dealing with political annoyances (the workplace violence narrative can only be used so much).
All Park Rangers are Obama's goons:
Me too. I’m wont to frequent National Parks. I will treat all the rangers with contempt.
Obama's election was a coup because the media lied!
You have to admit, though, that his election was not entirely legit. If you set aside fraud, you still have the media conspiracy to lie about his record and ignore anything that would be harmful to him. That being true, “WE” didn’t put him in there. This was nothing short of a coup. The cadets don’t know all that. You’d have to spend a lot of time on FR to know that. For all they know, he’s the legitimate president, constitutionally elected by the people, but in reality, they should shun him as an enemy and a criminal
Pope Francis:
Is everyone done with the heretic yet?
Gunplay is the only solution:
The Founding Fathers would be shooting by now.

That’s the only solution barring a miracle from God. It’s completely broken and the people in position to fix it won’t because they made it this way.
I was in the capital for school back when Hilary was a senator.
I was in the capital for school back when Hilary was a senator. We were sitting in an underground corridor between the Hart Building and the Capital tram thingy. Our professor came of and excitedly said that Hilary had just walked by us. I immediately felt disgust that she was just a few feet away from me. I know I wouldn’t offer or accept any feigned pleasantry to 0. I know he hates me and wants to imprison/kill me and take my kids away. I live in light of that fact.
Korah is a Satan-name:
Only in a thoroughly post-biblical culture would someone name their kid Korah.
Num 16:32 And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods.
The Boston Bombers didn't bomb for the cause of liberty:
If it was some kind of homegrown, anti-gov terrorist, they picked the wrong freaking target. They’re no help to the cause of liberty at all.
American Revolution II
Patrick Henry’s speech in that church in Virginia is almost as relevant now as when he gave it. We have but two options, fight or get comfortable in slavery. We’re dealing with a tyrant. Elections don’t work with a tyrant. R’s are destined to lose because they still think there is a political solution. The Tea Party thinks their is a political solution. There is not. You can’t negotiate with a despot. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops.
fetishizing the American Revolution - could it be the new fetishizing Confederacy?

Obama is selling America to Russia:
God help us! He’s selling America! His job is to get the price lower for his benefactors. It truly is over, democracy has failed.
Ole cripplecreek is suddenly acting super sane in his posts. Soon, I'll just have to go through my own archives, which are ripe with material.


  1. "demshateGod" is somewhat like manc (who posts much less frequently at FR these days), with slightly better skills at forming sentences.

    Like manc (and Laz, and dsc, and little jeremiah, and morgana and many other freepers), their bitterness appears to be more toward society in general, focusing on "liberalism" just to form an enemy in their mind.

  2. "demshateGod"

    As a Christian, I understand that God hates the idea of hating one's fellow man or woman. One of the ugliest aspects of far right behavior is the hatred directed against ordinary people, rather than against ideas or policies. Believe that government is too large and detrimental toward the public's well being? Just express contempt and hatred against the little people at the bottom of the food chain, such as park rangers who happen to be ordinary people just trying to make a living, and who are carrying out policies dictated from above.

    A positive about the relative youth of this poster is that he is young enough so that he may be more able to turn away from his hatefulness. Of course that might also mean that his ideas may just further harden over time.