Thursday, May 15, 2014

Freepers torn about GMO food labeling

With no guidance from Rush or Palin, Freepers are torn between their hatred of all laws and their dislike new things.

So, needless to say, a flamewar forms in short order with lots of calling the other side liberal.

Codeflier - if both sides agree, they're both wrong because one of the sides is liberal.
Half the people on FR will support this government intrusion. Just watch.

It looks closer to 80% Nanny Stater supporters than half. Good old GMO threads! The only topic where Democratic Underground and Free Republic posts are exactly the same!
9YearLurker doesn't trust the government with labeling anything:
I’m with you . Many people would like the info, but the federal pols are too easily bought off.
Mike Darancette is sure labeling will destroy all supermarket food:
In July 2016 just watch how fast the store shelves become very empty. So what about Franken Food sold by fast food joints?
napscoordinator thinks everyone is being silly, followed by sick liberal media burn:
Absolutely hyperbole. Seriously you can do better than that. This is really no big deal. I almost think you should write articles for the New York Times. You would be good at it.
JRandomFreeper finds disagreement with him to be liberal
Exactly what I would expect from a liberal government drone in the northeastern corridor.

I grow or hunt most of my food. I've worked professionally in the food service industry.

Government is constantly driving up food prices.

Only an uninformed idiot wouldn't know that.

JRandomFreeper also thinks this regulation does nothing:
Selective breeding is a form of genetic engineering.

It's a vague label, and as such, meaningless.

Balding_Eagle is sure the labeling is anti-science.
Next, electricity is going to be labeled by a little box at the oulet, Renewable and Non-Renewable.

It’ll make as much sense too.

Luddites have won the day.
Balding_Eagle knows we need GMO for the coming ice age:
It is a mistake that we’ve allowed GMOs in this country at all.

If it's true that we are entering a new ice age, and I believe it is, you'll be eating GMO with gusto.

So will your children and grandchildren, as the alternative, starving to death, won't be as attractive.
Yep, Balding_Eagle is pretty crazy.
Nonsense, we don’t need that Non-GMO label, we already have one. It’s the label Organic.

Like the Homosexuals, the Food Luddites aren’t content to live and let live. Witness this new law, not all that different than a ‘Homosexual Marriage’ law.

The Food Luddites are insistent on imposing their beliefs on everyone. Just like the homosexuals.

Not to worry, based on recent weather trends, people are going to be clamoring for GMO within the decade.
driftdiver gets quite personal.
I think you have this 180 degrees out of phase. I see you as the good little subject. By the way, I think your user name will probably be available on Democratic Underground. The Mansato meme is straight out of their talking points. Have fun over there - I think you will find 100% agreement with all of your GMO hysteria.

I suspect you know DU quite well.


  1. It's amazing that they're unable to form opinion without the likes of Limbaugh, Levine, Hannity, etc. Without someone helping them to form their own opinion, they start turning on each other.

    1. A lot of politics online seem to be regurgitated talking points.

    2. I remember that especially with the Elian Gonzales case (the little Cuban boy who was rescued at sea during an escape, where his mother died).

      The entire right wing was hemming and hawing about whether he should be returned to his father or not ... hemming and hawing until Clinton finally made the decision to return Elian to Cuba.

      Then, all of a sudden, it became right-wing dogma that he should stay here.

    3. My favorite is the birthers, the majority of whom suddenly found legal nuance when Ted Cruz came around.

    4. It's going to be hard for Freepers to top the birther flip-flop. I think their support of Cruz is equal parts inconsistency and petty spite.

    5. The super hardcore birthers (Butterdezillion et al) are still at it and more fervent than ever. It's hilarious to watch their fight against the others on FR who have stepped away from the nonsense.

  2. Cripplecreek for spotlight?? Cripplecreek for spotlight!!!

    1. I checked, but didn't find anything particularly crazy this time, though he's at the top of my queue!

      After Dead Corpse and humblegunner, I'm thinking about one of the rare moderates. Maybe Doodledog...

    2. Doodledog is someone I can't believe hasn't been given the boot yet. Also check out JimSEA, and there's another guy...Sherman Logan? I can't recall. They are challenging major FR orthodoxy and getting away with it - for now.

  3. I love to read the threads about health issues. About six months there were two threads within a few days of each other. The first was ripping Michelle O about urging people to drink more water. The other thread was about how Freepers made sure to drink water to stay healthy! It was so weird seeing the disconnect.

    1. I've made note of a thread on flouride. I may put something out next week.

    2. Well, they were ripping MOOCHelle, not the idea of drinking water. Because FR.

    3. If Michelle Obama said that deep breathing was good for you, Freepers would suffocate themselves.

  4. Q: What do freepers love to eat more than anything else?

    A: Other freepers!!!

    Self-righteous holier-than-thouism is the freeper religion.

    Actually, a mini-purge is overdue. Jimcompoop loves to go on a zotting expedition or two when the 'thon drags as bad as this one is lately.

    1. He has already threatened to purge a few. But with a little help, his thon may be slower than ever. The aim must be to take the cult down, it's even worse for conservatives than for the obvious opposition.

    2. When was the last purge? 2010?

  5. Bwahahaha! Cat fight.