Thursday, May 22, 2014

Precious Bodily Fluids

Lest it become any more obvious that the lunatics of yesteryear have their manifestos adopted by the Freepers of today, Free Republic's anti-government neuroses have reached the point that even after 40 years of data, they are back on the anti-Fluoridation wagon. At least this time it's not a Soviet plot, I guess.

Georgia Girl 2's principles make this all simple.
If the govt is giving it to you its bad.
cripplecreek has his teeth; therefore floride doesn't work.
I realize that these idiots think we’re all a bunch of toothless hillbillies out here in the sticks but the fact that we aren’t seems to dispute the dire need.
unlearner has done his own studies:
I don’t drink fluoridated water, and I even do not use fluoride toothpaste. From my personal experience, fluoride does make the teeth harder, but it also makes them more brittle. The enamel of healthy, living teeth can heal from some minor damage, but enamel that is damaged by fluoride does not heal very well. And there is no health benefit to drinking fluoride, but there are health consequences.

On the other hand, I also brush and floss very frequently. Those who do not may be better off using fluoride to protect their teeth from cavities.

If I were voting on fluoride in public drinking water, I would vote against it. But if it is in the water, I will find another source for drinking.

I think people, like this author, who put blind faith in “science” and medicine, are more crazy than those of us who approach with caution and skepticism. A couple of centuries ago the author would have probably mocked those who were opposed to blood letting with leeches.
Morpheus2009 doesn't like chlorine either:
In fact, I filter my water, personally, I don’t like the Fluoride in the water, or the Chlorine either. Minerals in water are also not neccessarily good for my expectant wife and small children either. But chances are yes, decent mouthwash and toothbrushing with fluoride supplement should do the trick.
mass medicine is not good medicine. Medicines that can cure come can kill others. How many people actually drink tap waster?


  1. Anti-science is one of the standard conservative mantras ...
    it is the justification for creationism, anti-man-caused-climate-change, anti-vaccination, anti-flouridation, etc. ...

    Infact, anti-every scientific advance with the exception of the internal combustion engine, the internet, and air-conditioning.

  2. Hilarity: A birther thread dissolves into an argument over the London Bridge between Brown Deer and a bunch of others.

  3. Of course the weight of London Bridge must be factored into any equation. Swallows flying nearby could possibly land on the bridge. Then there is the question of coconuts. If a swallow dropped a coconut on the bridge that would sort out the question of the bridge's stability.

  4. "Minerals in water are also not neccessarily good for my expectant wife and small children either."

    Are they drinking distilled water?! No one could be that stupid.

  5. Oh Lord. Freepers have nothing against Govt. money, as long as Jimrob gets a cut. With a bow and a scrape :).