Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What the Freepers saw.

Liveblogging the White House Correspondents Dinner, Freepers were pissed about Obama telling jokes while being President. But a small group of 'em took every single gesture Obama made as a sign of his being high/gay/Muslim. Best laugh I've had in a while.

livius noticed Obama didn't eat something - Muslim!
I noticed that the waiteress passed by Obammy with the dish of whatever was in the bowl....Im guessing it wasna halal?

Very observant! I’d say you’re right. When his Muslimness declares his Muslimtude, we’ll all have to go halal...but not yet.
Wow, MagUSNRET even added a soundtrack.
What would REALLY be good TV, is to see some Federal Marshalls walk in and arrest SEVERAL of the audience, to a rousing playing of the Marine Corps Hymn!
MeshugeMikey saw Obama blow his nose - COCAINE!
while at the next table Baracka has just blown his nose in the somewhat self concious manner one OFTEN sees in COKE HEADS....

I wi sh Id make a screen shot of THAT one
MeshugeMikey - thinks this might be Obama's downfall:
hes WIRED to the hilt


he knows he has to be one step ahead of whatever might occur during and after dinner..

this could be historic in a way he cant afford it to be...
MeshugeMikey senses BENGHAZI
I sense that both the mooch and the ONE are a bit more self conscious than they are normally and thats saying a LOT

its that BENGHAZI FEVER thats making the rounds in D.C
MagUSNRET noticed Obama leave his seat - DRUGS:
Now POTUS has left his seat, after sipping on whatever was in the white cup...just a hunch, but I dont think he has to piss
advertising guy - noticed...? um?
he’s was champiffle
MagUSNRET saw him rub his eye - COKE....ALWAYS
this just in....I missed the chance to get the swipe at the eyes


As painful as it is, watch the replay later tonight on CSPan, and watch how many times he is going at the eyes...speaks volumes
jacquej has decided the White House press is all black people nowadays:
Anyone keeping a count of “raysiss white boys” getting some free sh$t tonight?

I see mostly blacks, wymin, and a few other assorted minorities. Must be “reparations time” in the old town tonight.
advertising guy on Michelle Obama:
Michelle looks like she could snatch a plane out the air in full flight....Godzilla ain’t got beans on that girl
Go home MeshugeMikey, you're drunk!
anyway rhis PUKE PUDDLER ‘

‘you need a LAUGH TRACK!!!

you have BOMBED!!!
MeshugeMikey is still talking:
Id bet the TV RATINGS have just TANKED!!!
Sarah Barracuda is just rolling in rage:
I want to punch this jackass in the face..who wrote these “jokes” for him..the Daily Kos..all you have around him are a bunch of left wing a-holes laughing at him, oh Obama so original, trashing’s a “Joke” WHERE WERE YOU WHILE FOUR AMERICANS WERE BEING claim Conservatives dont know how to talk to women..I bet you do, you just throw them free birth controls and free abortions..look at me Im hilarious
MagUSNRET accomplished something"
I have to admit it...this dinner has made me loathe POTUS and his first b*tch more than I did before this all in all, I guess it is a success;.
MagUSNRET sums it all up:
Yeah...this has gone beyond childish to down right disgusting!


  1. Hahaha! When I was reading these on FR, I was thinking "I hope Ozy is seeing this!"

  2. Advertising guy means "champipple," a combination of ginger ale and ripple, a cheap wine. It was referenced on an episode of Sanford and Son.

    1. Jim Robbington IIIMay 7, 2014 at 10:06 PM

      Champipple - It's a mix of Champagne and Ripple.

    2. Urban Dictionary lied to me!

  3. "you just throw them free birth controls" -- Is that like remote controls?

  4. It's not even worth bringing up again, but Sarah Barracuda and MeshugeMikey force me to.
    Why weren't they bothered when 3,000 people got murdered on 9/11, and Bush and Cheney didn't even have to testify as to what they were doing that day, or before that day? And why doesn't MeshugeMikey care about Bush's well-known coke use? I don't really expect an answer. Because BENGHAZI! DAN RATHER!

    1. All of the rage went to the Middle East

    2. We knew where Bush was. Reading to a class of kids. Classy of him to keep reading so as not to scare them. Always respect him for that.
      Then AF1, which were diverted to a safe zone on orders from his security detail. The Secret Service don't give a shit about political optics. They have exactly one job. Keep the principal alive, sometimes over his very bitter complaints. I have heard those complaints in person. :)

      Cheney - no idea. Probably off shooting another friend. Don't care. Never liked the guy, certainly never trusted him.

    3. That's one way of looking at it. Another is that he stayed reading to those kids because he had no idea what to do. Unfortunately, neither of us is a mind reader and Bush will only admit to the one that makes him look good, no matter if it's true or not.

      One thing we still don't know is why he decided to ignore all the evidence like the August 6th PDB and the intelligence from the Clinton administration. Or why he used those attacks to start a war of choice in Iraq. Well, we kind of do know that. It was to make oil barons richer than they already were.

  5. We could say that Clinton also ignored intel - but I am not going there. Got a soft spot for the old rogue and wish I had 1/10th of his people skills!

    As far as Bush's reasoning goes - you are right. We are not mind readers. Still - I met the guy, Baghram, 2003, we were stationing through. He's a tough sod. Nice, don't get me wrong. has that charm that gets you talking, you know? But I'd take him as either CO or squad mate any time at all. And he is, contrary to popular belief, smart as hell. You do not give a multi million dollar fighter, heavily armed, to a moron. That is the sort of idea that rarely ends well!

    He is, however, VERY protective of children. Something I consider a plus. Just my observations over the course of a 30 minute, very lively discussion between my squad and him. Make of it what you will.