Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hillary, living rent free in Freepers' heads

Freepers are pretty obsessed with Hillary. And they also react badly when people suggest slight optimism. The idea that Hillary won't run in 2016 is far from implausible - people I know in politics told me they don't think she's running months ago, but Freepers...they can't give up a good villain.

PubliusMM Hillary is easily controlled, but also super dangerous:
The puppeteers have done a pretty good job of pulling the strings for Zero for the last six years, with a couple more to go.

Arguably, the Hildebeast would be easier to ‘manage’ with a diminished mental capacity.

Don’t rule it out because of the grandchild, either. That will be great ammo on the campaign. I can hear her now, “You know I’m looking to the future. I have a grandchild to look out for. Just like you folks.”

Don’t rule it out. She is one dangerous leftist.
ScottinVA knows how Hillary works:
With Chelsea's baby on the way, what 69 year old woman is going to run for president with her only grandchild ever on the way???

A soulless, megalomaniacal devilspawn with an unquenchable thirst for absolute power, who is convinced her time is "now." That's who. And Chelsea's baby will be a mere prop in the development of a "new Hillary as benign, wise leader" narrative.
hal ogen thinks she's fat:
If being mentally ill is a “medical issue”, this incompetent fatso has “issues”. As to “running”, I don’t think she is physically able to “run” under any circumstance.
Sacajaweau thinks Hillary is going to screw over the Democratic party out of spite:
Her own party scre**** her over the last time.

She's now pulling a cutesy tease on the party (a woman thing).

She's not running. No way she will be embarrassed again.
circlecity brings in the Hillary is a secret drunk rumor:
Amazing coincidence that her “brain damage” symptoms always seem to manifest themselves after about her fifth gin and tonic.
Bigg Red knows power mad when he sees it:
Hitlery is not a normal loving woman; she is a power-mad dictator who would sell that grandchild if necessary.
Bigg Red has another favorite villain as well:
I have been saying, since around that time of Obamugabe’s second coronation that Michelle is going to run for something.

I had become suspicious when she actually started wearing some attractive clothing that was dignified and becoming. Seeing her walk on Inauguration Day made me realize that she had been taking lessons in walking like a lady.

She will be running for something. Perhaps not president yet, but it will be some big office. Maybe she will go the Hitlery route. And, of course, like Hitlery, she’s entitled.
Sacajaweau thinks Hillary will be dead by tomorrow.
I'm sure she's on some serious medicine....maybe even warfarin.

Two friends of mine were on that...both hospitalized with internal bleeding...more than once......both died shortly thereafter.
2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten thinks Obama even stole the primaries:
An astute Freeper pointed out here a couple of days ago that Barack Obama came out of obscurity to win the nomination in 2008 because a lot of influential Democrats didn’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House

I thought it was because they out and out stole elections, cauci, and basically everything that wasn’t nailed down and a lot that was as well.
ken5050 is sure no Democrat can win in 2016:
The main reason she isn’t running is that after 8 years of Obama...and she is tied to his administration..no Democrat has a chance of winning the WH. Period
woodbutcher1963 - all Hillary supporters are old lesbians.
If she is not running, then why is there a website already selling bumper stickers that say: “Ready for Hillary”

I have seen two here in NH in the last month. FYI, both were on cars being driven by middle age or older woman with short gray hair. One was driving a Subaru Forester, the other was driving a Toyota Rav4. I think both fit into a certain demographic profile.
txrefugee also thinks Hillary will be super easy to beat:
Hillary’s brain may have collapsed from trying to get around all the lies she has told over the years….most of them on video tape. Any GOP candidate worth his salt should be able to eviscerate her candidacy by just playing footage of her own words.
null and void may have the most tasteless comment I've ever seen on Free Republic.
Because no one would vote for a democrat with brain damage, right?
That's Gabby Giffords, the Arizona Congresswoman who stepped down after being shot in the head. Seriously, that comment is not only a lie, it's awful.

Liz saw Hillary walking carefully down stairs. PROOF!
The Clintons are pathological liars---they lie about everything. Could be Hillary has even more serious medical issues than what's been revealed.

The shocking verification of Hillary's decrepitness could be seen in at least one recent newsclip ----as the voiceover narrated---Hilary is seen walking gingerly down the steps of a plane, eyes glued to the steps, hanging on to the railing for dear life---exactly like an invalid---like an old person who fears she's not gonna make it down safely.

Now a clip of decrepit Hillary walking UP the stairs would have made it even more revealing.
BlueStateRightist worries about the unknown liberal monster:
Who will be the Leftist Freak who will replace her? A “Hispanic” mayor from some “sanctuary city.” Some homosexual or lesbian? A pedophile? I’m convinced the Democrats KNOW that if they run a “first” every time they will win. And if you think about it there is an endless supply of “firsts” out there. Just ask ESPN.
Doctor 2Brains:
Filthy whore slut pig piece of monkey vomit filth.


  1. She's now pulling a cutesy tease on the party (a woman thing).

    She's not running. No way she will be embarrassed again.

    Sarah Palin????

    1. According to Freepers, all liberal women are feather-headed cock teases.