Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What to do about Donald Sterling

Ahhh, Clipper's owner Donald Sterling. An 80-year-old millionaire's mixed-race girlfriend records him asking her to not publish any photos of her with black people because it will lower her value.

This is how real racism exists - you don't hate black people, it's just that society hates them.

Regardless, everyone is hating him and feeling pretty good about it.
Except for Freepers.

They aren't really examining the racial tangle. Some aren't sure he's racist, some decide they are going to stand on principles, despite sorta not liking him, some just seem to be contrarians. The key is they are doing their best to make sure that you can act like him and get away with it:

As a homophobe and racist, clintonh8r is feeling persecuted.
Well the queers got a scalp from the Mozilla guy, so now the blacks get a scalp. Equilibrium in the world of PC victinhood has been restored!
griswold3 knows if you screw someone who is black, you can't be racist!
This whole drama is bizarre.
He’s supposedly racist but has a black/Hispanic mistress? He says he loves black people but doesn’t want his mistress seen with them although she can private do whatever with minorities.
This is, to me, a sad demented elderly human being that should have known better but didn’t.
If this is the set up to force him to sell an improving team at fire sale prices, as a FRiend recently put it, “Well played.”
Paisan hates the marketplace:
Sterling’s ideas fail in the marketplace of ideas

Maybe. But, the ‘Market Place of Ideas” is infinite in its depth and breadth. The ‘Vast Majority’, usually WRONG, determines which idea becomes the ‘accepted norm’.

Does this mean that ALL other ideas, and those beholden to them, should be crucified, fined, impoverished ?
Brooklyn Attitude has decided the state action requirement of the Constitution is a liberal plot:
Until very recently expressing an unpopular opinion like Sterling did WAS considered to fall under free speech. Then the left decided to persecute those whose opinions they did not like. THEY decided that it was legitimate to destroy their enemies and argued that the 1st was only protective against the govt. As usual people on our side went along with the lefty interpretation.
Argument's over guys, mountainlion invoked his 1st cousin 6 times removed!
The problem lies not in the First Amendment but in the liberals trying to destroy it. I have a 1st cousin 6 times removed that fought in the battle or Brooklyn and was killed August 27, 1776 fighting for our country. We will not need to fight at the risk of our lives yet but we can not just set around while our rights are usurped. Vote the rats out in November.
Cubs Fan doesn't actually think about this, he just reflexively posts it, right?
If Sterling had been black and said something similar about whites it would have gone unnoticed.

Because in orwell’s America—Some are more equal than others.
Cboldt has no idea how controversies work:
NY Post:Jay z Causes Controversy By Wearing Anti-White 5% Medallion - April 6, 2014
The Brooklyn-born rapper was sitting court-side at a Nets game on Tuesday with wife Beyonce when he was snapped wearing the controversial symbol.
One of the core tenants of the Five Percent Nation - an off-shoot of the Nation of Islam - is that white people are 'wicked and inferior' to black men.

1) Silver should ban Jay-Z from NBA games, and
2) No record label should produce any Jay-Z material, and
3) Any retail outlet selling Jay-Z material should be boycotted

None of that will happen. Hypocrites. Always have been, it's just more obvious with the Sterling/Silver dustup.
Mears has chosen his sports whiteley:
Yep,baseball is a great sport.

Hockey is #2.

Go Bruins.
CodeToad realized the NBA is mostly black. That means...
It was wrong since the vast majority of the players are racist too.
AmusedBystander's analogy really makes ya think:
He was lynched by the race baiters.
FreeAtlanta still thinks he's a Democrat:
Like Paula Dean, he is a life long Democrat, but expendable. Dean embarrassed the Moochelle, this man had a franchise that Obama’s “friend” magic Johnson (the other magic .... ) wants.

he was toast as soon as he opened his creepy old mouth.
Red in Blue PA wants to ask the hard, irrelevant questions.
In the time we have been discussing this non-story (opinion given in private; nobody was hurt), how many inner city blacks have been killed by other blacks?

But let’s not talk about that. That would be racist.


  1. Does anyone else see something that happens in the news and instinctively visit FR just to see what those guys will say about it? I think we're accounting for hundreds of their hits.

    1. Essentially. I liked how people were grasping at straws to defend Sterling. It's pretty hilarious, considering the NBA can do what it just did and did it because sponsors were pulling out

  2. "Cubs Fan doesn't actually think about this, he just reflexively posts it, right?

    If Sterling had been black and said something similar about whites it would have gone unnoticed.

    Because in orwell’s America—Some are more equal than others. "

    Ozy, Cubs Fan is correct..if a white team owner was wearing a anti black medallion he would be crucified but Jay-Z -part owner of the Brooklyn Nets.. wear medallion from anti white hate group and not a word is said.

    Typical liberal white guilt mentality


    1. Yes, Jay-Z is basically the black Donald Sterling.
      And that medallion is basically like what Sterling said.

      Great analogy!

    2. Again, if a white team owner was silent but wearing a KKK medallion at a game do you think the press would be silent like they where with Jay-Z??

      You know the answer..they press would be screaming from rooftops.

    3. OK...to belabor why your analogy fails:

      1. Jay-Z is primarily an entertainer, and one that trades in edginess. He is thus more insulated from infamy for what he says or does than some generally disliked private multimillionaire.

      2. - the medallion isn't KKK, it's some newer group of yahoos who have not lynched even one white person. One step removed from violent terrorists? Pariah status. One step removed from a group that merely talks about violence? Edgy.

      So no, Jay-Z is not the white Sterling, and the KKK is not the White Five Percenters.
      That was my point above - its ridiculous to think of someone saying 'get those pics of you with white women off Instagram - they lower your value in the eyes of the public.'
      Society is not racially symmetric.