Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hating The GOPe

I suspect it's a cycle that will change by the time the general 2014 election rolls around, but I noticed it first with Benghazi, but now I realize it's everywhere. Freepers, for now, hate the GOP more than they hate Obama.

Their reaction to the old-guard's money and experience fueled victory in North Carolina, and Boehner's coasting to another reelection is full of impotent rage. But one stood above the rest. I did not mean for this to become a mini-spotlight of Viennacon, but he just kept bringing the crazy over and over and over again.

So enjoy a Freeper election tantrum, the first of the season.

All non Freeper are mocking Viennacon!
these people are relying on suckers to vote for them henceforth. Just listen to their sneering jibes. If you think these people will save America, you're dead wrong.
unseelie is super wise and deep.
“Ana Navarro, the Jeb Bush ally, promptly tweeted,”Congratulations to @johnboehner on decisive primary win. Rumors of his demise were greatly exagerated....who’s crying now?”

The American people are, Ana. The American people are.
Olog-hai falls back on the usual Freeper defense mechanism:
Liberals are really circling the wagons now. Wonder how much primary fraud is going on?
Viennacon demands another purge:
Liberals circling the wagons? My friend, just look at some of the other threads here tonight. MASSIVE surge of pro-Karl Rove, anti-conservative sentiment. Not sure if these poindexters were sent over specifically from DU or if they are just the more insane McCain section of FreeRepublic rearing their ugly heads.

One thing is for sure, JimRob needs to get out the Zot, and set it to kill.
Viennacon - we're close to the edge of America.
Pfft, with about 20% of Freepers now openly calling for full surrender to the Establishment, they could get Susan Collins as the nominee.

We know who the Quislings are now at least. Just make sure you’re stocked up on ammunition. We’re close to the edge of America now.
Lazamataz explains how the deal went down:
Here’s how this plays:

Democrats: “We have perfected voter fraud!”

Republicans: “We will investigate and bust you!.... unless, of course, we can work together.”

Democrats: “You put up candidates we like, we will make sure they get through the primary.”

Republicans: “Deal!”
Kit cat starts with the Koch being insufficiently Freep, and then rambles about Sarah and kids these days:
The Koch brothers who are our sides largest donors are RINOS!!!!
They WANT smaller government but the social conservative issues NOT
SO MUCH!!!! It will take a TON OF MONEY to beat the media!!!!! Sarah
WAS DESTROYED for NO REASON they COULD NOT let her alone under ANY circumstances!!!! You CAN VOTE your conscience but there are NO LONGER enough of us to change what has happened to this country!!!! The younger generation doesn’t even know the difference in the nation!!!!
Viennacon answers the above screed:
Then stop hitting caps lock, buy ammo, and prepare for the end.
Viennacon thinks only lunatics in office will solve this:
I just don’t think we can impact these races anymore. Too many infiltrators etc.

Best option now is to focus all efforts on electing really radical conservatives to local and state positions. You might say this is useless because of all the federal mandates, but if you get enough radical conservatives elected, they will just ignore the laws from Mordor on the Potomac. Laws are only as good as those who are willing to enforce them.
lucky american has the nihilism that only comes from purity:
We’re not voting for Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie, so we’re gonna sit back and wait for the collapse.
If the majority doesn’t want freedom and justice, who am I to argue with them.


  1. The "Tea Party" movement was compromised within months of its beginning by corporate and far-right interests ...
    it had a few good years, but crazy bitterness only can last so long before imploding.

    With even rather centrist GOPe candidates this time around making louder claims to "conservatism", the "Tea Party" candidates look out of touch.

    1. IIRC, the original Tea party movement had conservative members, liberal members, libertarians, independents, and people who normally don't give a crap about politics. All brought together because they were simply tired of tax and spend policys and wanted to do something about it.
      Then the SoCons got involved. That broke the party apart, fast.

    2. you're right bout that EC ... the original "tea party" thing was simple, one-issue, and widely supported.

      Then "Tea Party Express" and "Tea Party Nation" and other far rightists tried to make money off of it and ruined it for everybody.

    3. I had someone tell me on Facebook the other day that the tea party wasn't racist at all, that it had been around for "at least 7 years." I asked him what he and his tea friends were organizing around under GWB. He got really mad and ignored me. Then I asked him how he could have been protesting Obama's "tax and spend" policies a year before the election took place, and the silence got even louder. Finally, I explained to him that taxes have never been lower, and I provided charts from the Congressional Budget Office going back almost 30 years. I haven't heard anything from him since.

    4. @anon - It really wasn't, at all. Not when it started, and it did develop in the last year or so of the Bush administration. They were protesting the same thing then - wasteful spending. Obama makes Bush look like a piker on the spending front, but Bush had his share of flaws and blind spots on spending.

      On the lower taxes front - question. Are they gross or adjusted for increased income over the last 30 years? Something worth checking. You probably did, but good to have your ducks in a row, right?

    5. Obama makes Bush look like a piker on the spending front

      Actually, that's false. Obama has dramatically decreased spending compared to Bush.

    6. Come on Euph. You know damned well I respect you - but that doesn't fly. If Obama has decreased spending - why has his government piled on an extra 6 or 7 trillion of debt? It's got to be going somewhere. They don't just decide to do it and hoard the dollars.

      Not saying the Republicans aren't complicit - they certainly are - but it's a heck of an increase over the two trillion Bush put on while funding two active wars.

    7. Just because he's decreased spending doesn't mean that the spending has stopped. Most of that spending was due to policies implemented under previous presidents, such as the Bush tax cuts taking away a source of revenue or increased social security payouts as the baby boomers retire, TARP, as well as the two wars, one of which we're still fighting, to name a few examples. Other than the stimulus package passed in 2009, what do you think Obama has passed that added that significantly to the debt?

    8. Plus, everyone forgets this: deficits are created by two things:
      1) increased spending and
      2) decreased revenue
      Remember the Bush recession that happened where the economy was shedding over 1 million jobs per month before Obama took office? There's your deficit. Imagine how much tax revenue that destroyed

    9. "On the lower taxes front - question. Are they gross or adjusted for increased income over the last 30 years?" You don't have to take my word for it. Do a search on tax rates last 10 years, 30 years, 50 years. Married filing jointly, separately, single, head of household, business, whatever you like. You can see the trends. It's not brain-bending science to see that when revenues plummet but expenses stay the same, or increase (as in, permanent occupation of two foreign countries), deficits ensue. Your conclusion that "Obama is spending out of control" is ludicrous - if ONLY this country was getting something for all that deficit besides permanent third-world status.

  2. Jim Robbington IIIMay 8, 2014 at 2:52 PM

    This thread has it all. The call for zots (set to kill), voter fraud, RINOs, the call to rise up and fight juxtaposed with the shrugging of shoulders in wait of "the end". This seems like a way to rile the troops for a lagging Freepathon.

    I do like Viennacon's call-out of Kit Kat's use of the shift key.

    1. He as his moments. Can be witty as hell when he wants to be, in a very dry way.

  3. Freepers mangle sci-fi literature themes and notions of citizenship, among other things.

    1. "Michael Savage proposed a system where anyone collecting federal benefits, from a federal civilian employee to someone collecting TANF or Section 8 housing vouchers or SNAP food benefits or Medicaid is ineligible to vote. ***If you live even partially at the benefit of the treasury***, you don’t get to vote on how the money is apportioned."
      Except for those troops, who should be the only ones allowed to be citizens and vote - right?

    2. "In the book everybody could serve in some form or another. They would find a job you were capable of doing. For example, even a paraplegic could be used to test new medicine." ...

    3. AnonB - the exact quote is given by the recruiting Sergent the day they go and sign up. Going to paraphrase VERY slightly.

      "We can't refuse you. If a blind paraplegic insists on serving, we'll find him a job, maybe counting the hairs on a caterpillar by touch .... You may not get your choice of service. You may wind up freezing on Pluto or testing new and interesting diseases in the labs. If you want to carry on, sign here."

      His job was not to get people in. It were to keep people out. You could wash out at any time, ven after training. No risk, no threats, no penalty. Just - no vote.

    4. It's been nearly 30 years since I've read Starship Troopers, so forgive me if I do not remember an exact quote where a paraplegic has to earn his right to vote. Your explanation of the quotation does not improve my opinion of the point of view that only soldiers have rights. That is an extreme perversion of our constitution and our bill of rights.

    5. No prob, anonB - I got a trick memory for quotes. Can't remember numbers to save me life though, so finding bible verses away from the computer is a pain!

      IIRC - the world had come off a massive war (the scenario was based on WW1, where the soldiers came home to rich politicians and war profiteers). Well, the veterans trusted each other a bit, the ones at the top, not at all - so they basically did a world wide coup. It's been painted as a Fascist novel, but the absolute only right serving gets you is to vote or go for office - after your hitch is up (5 years? 20 years? - its the number thing) or after the duration in times of active warfare. Get invalided out, the military would fix you up and you get the right.. Everyone else has all the other freedoms - based on the constitution, of course, Heinlein were American. They just put it back to having to have skin in the game, Just as your original constitution only allowed white male taxpayers to vote, theirs only allowed anyone (at all) who served to vote. He liked to play around with ideas about the constitution, marriage, sexual roles, religions a lot in his none Juniors.

      Should dig it out again - it's still a good read.

  4. Teafreepers definition of elite is vast. Elite are those "others" in the GOP who are wealthier, educated, from a different religion, or anyone who has the ability to negotiate with an opponent. They will reject all GOP as "elite." Teafreepers purpose is to destroy the GOP. Democrats are pleased.