Monday, May 26, 2014

Operation American Spring

So there was going to be another Tea Party protest in DC. This one was particularly bad at overpromising and underdelivering. Promising 10-30 Million people, the badly publicized event netted only dozens, though they did stop by Congressional offices.

Freepers reaction is quite unexpected. Well, a lot see the incompetence and yell false flag, that's amusingly expected these days. But a lot of Freepers scoff at the idea of calling for the overthrow of the American government. Am I on the right forum?

redgolum knows many of the teeming millions who agree are not as brave as Freepers.
The State is very willing to attack and punish detractors, look at the IRS. Many are keeping their heads down.

And to be honest, this thing had an odd feel to it. I just couldn’t shake the feeling it was a false flag.
CivilWarBrewing is sure it was a fake:
False flag, I agree. It was designed to fail from the start for the purpose of demoralizing the Tea Party movement ahead of elections. As if oppression by the IRS isn’t enough.
Lazamataz didn't like the organizer:
I definitely didn’t trust that guy, and while I entertained putting together a FR contingent for a while, I felt association with the leader of this thing would not be wise.
By post 33, Spirochete has received the wisdom, and has no doubt: false flag.
I live in Virginia and this article is the first I’ve heard of this demonstration.

Beacuse it's a false flag operation, designed to create the illusion that there's no groundswell of opposition in DC government.
kristinn, whose tagline calls America the new USSR:
The organizers are calling for a coup. That’s why conservatives are staying away.
Seriously? RIghtwardHo? Do you read this site at all?
These people are calling for an overthrow of the Government. That is Treason. Of course we would never attend such a thing. We love America.

The sad part is we are painted with their ridiculous display instead of being credited for staying as far away from it as possible.
44years later, Lazamataz - the real revolution will not be televised:
See, that's not how to do this.

If we rise up to throw off the shackles, it will likely be spontaneous and like the Bundy deal, and even then there will be no stated desire for a coup... just a DEMAND that the Fed Government quit the shenanigans.
demshateGod knows the way to tell a real protest is demands:
I’m for it if there are demands being made. If we’re just going to stand out there, then go home, I’m not interested.
meadsjn knows the real war is shaking your fist at your neighbors:
Perhaps most people with some smarts realize that the problem is not entirely, or even primarily, in Washington, DC.

Most conservatives do realize that the problem is much closer to home, with their idiot neighbors sporting the odinga bumper stickers, or the COEXIST ones, etc.; the spiritually dead dykes, fags, perpetual grievance clowns, dis-en-french-fried minorities, outraged illegal invaders, and other such communists.
Kackikat, though, is still lost in the tin foil.
I never heard of the March until a week ago, although it may have been on FR.

Those motel/hotels could have been booked by Democrat Politicians to prevent Marchers from having a place to stay. When they call for a room, well we have no vacancies. This should have been co ordinated with a huge political backing and reservations to be successful. Now it looks like the people aren’t interested in taking the country back.

Timing and Planning are everything!


  1. If kristinn says it doesn't pass the smell test, I'll go along with her. Organizing protests, get togethers and rallies is a particular skill of hers, though now her main partner in organizing has sadly died she's cut right back.

    Doubt it were a false flag though - more likely some idiot letting his mouth write checks he has no way of covering.

    Have a good Memorial Day, and stick an extra place out for those who are gone.

    1. OK ... "kristinn" is Kristinn Taylor, a male, and the main spokesperson / PR guy for FR over the last couple decades.

      I don't know who "her (his) main partner in organizing" was.
      Operation American Spring was fairly well advertised around the fringier edge of the right-wing blogosphere and radiosphere, but pretty much had the "kooky crazy" label all over it from the beginning.

    2. I have no idea why I always think of kristinn as a her. Just do and always did! If he reads this - Sorry!

      His partner was Doc something - used to go to rallies and the Walter Reed gratitude get togethers in costume. Nice guy, wicked sense of humor, had a good head on his shoulders and was willing to do something rather than sit at a keyboard and bitch. Trying to find his memorial thread on FR, he was one of the few universally respected and liked members.

      My point though, is kristinn knows exactly how far you can go in setting up and running a demonstration. He's had practice at it and knows the law well enough to be very cautious about walking the edge.

    3. kristinn's post is blunt, but fairly accurate.
      Operation American Spring aims to pressure those lawmakers who remain – or are replaced by officials of their own choosing "to sponsor and pass very Constitutionally crafted State legislation to dissolve the size, powers, scope and spending of the U.S. Government by 2/3rds."
      Organizers also anticipate "incremental nullification" by state legislatures of "all withholding taxes, employment taxes, employer taxes, and income taxes."

      I don't think anyone outside InfoWars-type fans take this seriously and think this is doable - or want it.

    4. You probably think of Kristinn as a she because the name, minus the last character, is a girls name. The demo partner who died was Doctor Raoul (march 2013).

    5. Thank you, Anon! I have been beating my brains out trying to remember his handle.

    6. Ahhh, Kristinn Taylor. That free market job creator is actually a flower delivery guy in Melbourne, Florida. And no, he doesn't own the shop, he's an employee.