Thursday, March 15, 2012

Freepers straight up want The Secretary of Defense to be assasinated

In a particularly blatant thread, Freepers are rooting for the terrorists to take out Panetta after he had a close call:

MasterGunner01 can barely contain his hope:
The Muslims gotta get lucky some time. Pity they didn’t get him at the airport or at the base or . . .
Candor7 has decided the other side is so evil, he's rooting for the terrorists:
I would have had no objection to a Neon Leon. Why? Because he is a fascist who works for a fascist president.
Flotsam_Jetsome thinks there should be a military coup, since the Dems did one":
"They only fear a coup because they themselves are guilty of one."
Projection. Typical leftist thought.
SaraJohnson blames Obama for all Muslims:
You mean Obama’s religion of peace, his very good Muslim friends, tired to do in Panetta? This is shocking.

Good thing Panetta disarmed the evil US Marines before he spoke at them. Can’t be too careful when you are a part of a regime that has thrown the constitution to the wind and chosen sides with the enemy during a war.
E. Pluribus Unum is not good at nicknames, and thinks Panetta is Muslim?
Lyin' Pendejo is safe!
Praise be to Allah!
Henry Eggs:
panetta is gay


  1. What on Earth did Panetta do to piss off the right so badly? Or is it just an Obama administration thing.

    1. All a politician on either side has to do to earn the wrath of the Freepers these days is to express the thought that Obama isn't completely evil. Work for the guy and you are Satan incarnate.

    2. And Panetta was a Clinton staff.. he's got the triple stink for Freeper's - democrat, Clinton, and Obama.