Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sexual confusion

A light one, per the legion once again. I'd seen this come up in a few threads, but this one was long enough to really get into.

This whole Canadian beauty queen who wants to compete in Miss Universe but is a transgender thins has me skeptical. I mean, her name is "Jenna Talackova." Say that out loud.

No matter, she is undeniably hot,

and the visual to a fault Freepers are hilariously confused:

ReneeLynn sees the flaw that keeps the genders separate!
He’s been on hormones since 14 and had ‘things’ cut off at 19. Stop the hormone treatments and you wouldn’t be confused for long. Those are skinny, man legs.
Scythian claims to be confused as well:
I’m kind of suprised at all the men being turned on by this creature?
trailhkr1 admits the truth:
SRS folks this she/he looks better than many real women out there..and no I am not saying this is right and I have a real woman girlfriend.
Real woman girlfriends are the best kind!

Notary Sojac allows she's hot, but it's all makeup, and liberal women are ugly!!!!!
Many of America’s left-wing “double X” women could benefit greatly from a makeup and grooming course taught by the he-she’s........
SVTCobra03 is super pissed about the hotness:
It would be hard for any heterosexual man not to consider it also, unless of course...but for many that wouldn’t matter. That is one hot potato.
That is probably one of the most disgusting comments I have ever seen on FR.
POWERSBOOTHEFAN thinks she's in Three's Company:
I feel bad for the guy who believes that this man is really a woman and goes out with “her”.

How much do you wanna bet that “she” will get socked in the jaw and have “her” lights knocked out?

It’s gonna happen. Mark my words.
Jack Hammer defines 'hubris' as prideful defying of Donald Trump.
Deliberate misrepresentation on the part of the writer.

No - NO ONE was “booted out for being a boy.”

Someone was booted out for a grotesque and yet willful act of deliberate, dunderheaded hubris; i.e., being sufficently stupid to think that entering a women’s beauty contest was possible for a male, provided that said male, for whatever reason, “wanted” an exception to be made in HIS case.

This whole “sex change” nonsense has gone light years too far.

If you’re an effing male, with male genes and equipment, but you want to be (or think you are!) a female, get a good psychiatrist, for Pete’s sake.

But whatever you do, DO NOT ask me to (or even worse, demand that I) live in your dystopian fantasy world.
Yes, a world where Jack Hammer is offended is a dark one indeed!


  1. That was some funny stuff.

  2. I'm sorry but there is no way to stop the flood of awesome coming from Trayvon Martin themed threads. Any time ANY criminal is wearing a hoodie now these maniacs jump all over it. This thread isn't even about Trayvon, but the gunmen were wearing hoodies so the whole thing devolves into that. Also everyone posts pictures of their guns, because that makes them better than these "thugs". Also, racism.

    Crazy woman in Canada gets yelled at and sentenced to extra jail time by judge for continually breaking probation by trespassing at abortion clinics and harassing women (tells her her god is wrong HAHA). This leads to someone saying she was trespassing, and if she was a pro-choicer and trespassed at a pro-life place she would be punished. That's followed by insanity. Like this:

    "Most of the pro-lifers I know would welcome such a person, and a chance to educate him, as well as the mother. Our arguments are better, as they are true. We generally don’t resort to ad hominems, and completely avoid straw men. As long as the conversation continues, the mother isn’t killing her child."

    Avoid straw men? They use God, the greatest straw man ever constructed! And his army of straw babies!

  4. YMMV, but that first one didn't have quite enough meat, IMO. But that second one...!!!

    Post coming soon.