Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blagojevich manages to avoid Obama assassins, goes to prison.

Freepers are amazed that former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is going to prison, when he totally has the info to put Obama away forever.

They're speculations are delicious.

Lazamataz assumes Obama will pardon him, which is why Blagojevichisn't coming clean:
I figure dude's only got to serve until November 4, 2012.
Either way the election goes, he's pardoned on that day.
Lazamataz remains confused, but remains unshakable that Blago is a big deal to Obama:
Frankly, I’m surprised Blago’s even serving a day. I would have expected Barry’s boys to delay the sentence start.
Buckeye McFrog assumes there's a bribe as well:
A full pardon AND Ambassador to the Seychelles...
tgusa knows Obama's assassins are everywhere:
If he lives that long. Dead men tell no tales.
unkus agrees:

I think it’s a wonder that the guy’s still alive. I would have thought he’d had had a freak accident by now.

Yeah, Obama has just been killing his political foes left and right

RitchieAprile thinks Obama musta threatened his family:

could be that his family would feel the pain for his
failure to keep mum.


  1. Shades of Vince Foster. No surprise, really.

  2. when are they going to lock there asses up Obama and the ones involved in putting his illegal butt in office?