Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obama sets white children on fire

Dr. Teeth knows what I like - racism so searingly heinous it's shocking even on Free Republic.

American Thinker has a story about a 13-year-old set on fire by some older black kids, and then racist black teachers yelled at him, or something. Needless to say, this story does not appear anywhere else I could find.

Freepers are pretty sure black kids are burning white kids everywhere in America, because Obama's so racist:

Neoliberalnot blames Obama and Holder for all black-on-white Crime in America:
Black-on-white hate-crimes go largely unreported. This is one of the many consequences of BO, Holder, et al and their continual fanning the flames of racial hatred--Bo is the ultimate example of a vile and bigoted black leader following the tracks of the Rev jeremiah wright.
Rich21IE thinks we need to start teaching white kids to be more racist:
Its time for the white kids to learn how much they are hated by the Blacks; how much they will always be hated by the Blacks and how much their parents have been and will be hated by the Blacks.
White kids are taught to be ashamed of their race. They are taught to worship the black culture.

I don’t want to sound like a KKK member, but there has to be balance. I remember when the “black is beautiful” movement started. It really was important, and was needed, in my opinion. But, it went too far. Now, blacks are taught they are more than equal, they are superior in all respects.

Time for white kids to learn it’s ok to be white.

Mr. Wright cant' find the story anywhere but American Thinker - this is proof of the cover-up! Also Obama's a racist:
This is weird. . . I did not hear any reports on the hourly radio news, Network Evening News, or read anything about this in the Newspapers. Gee, wonder why? It is my understanding that the media is always anxious to publish and report racial attacks. Very strange indeed.
Also weird is the fact that Obama has said nothing about this attack (remember when he commented on the Boston professor being mistreated by police) nor did Obama’s Attorney General at the [In] justice Department issued a statement on this attack. Hmmmm cannot understand why!!
boomop1 knows when this started:
This hate whitey started in the Armed Forces in 1974 or so with race relations classes, the beginning of the affirmative action PC military.
240B realizes Obama is teaching Blacks to go to school to be a better racist:
The lesson Hussein and Holder have taught the Black community was, if you follow Wright and Farrakhan, if you get along with ‘whitey’ (a “Rev. Wright term) just long enough to get some fancy degrees, you may just get elected President. And once you get power, you can do whatever the he!! you want. No one can touch you.

BO is an extremely bad role model to the Black community and the nation as a whole.
spawn44 seriously blames Obama for burning this white kid:
Obama and Withholder may have well been the one’s throwing the gasoline on the kid.
These type of leaders WE DON’T NEED. The warped idealogy of the socialist democratic left must be politically defeated in November.
DEFEAT OBAMA - He burns white children merely by being evil!


  1. incident is reported on CBS, ABC but not Fox.
    Not clear if this really h happened, or if kid is doing a "tawona brawley" (sic) .

  2. It is rather amazing that this kid was supposedly doused in gasoline, that his mother could "smell the burned skin," but that he apparently suffered nothing worse than first-degree burns--the equivalent of a sunburn, in other words.

  3. I did find references to this story on Google news feeds. Only half of them reported it was 2 black children setting fire to a white child, some even truncating the quote by omitting "white boy" from the accused threats.

    I hate to say it, but I think Freepers might have a point in that it's not as widely reported as it would have been had the races been reversed.

    How that boils down to being Obama's or Holder's fault, I have no idea. People didn't blame Bush or Clinton when similar hate crimes were commited against white people.