Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama's Jihad on the Catholic Church continues

Once again, Dr. Teeth finds a nice pile of Freeper crazy that had fallen off the front page by the time I got my lazy ass to the computer.

This time, it's that the US has added the Holy See as a "country of concern" with respect to money laundering. based upon their history, I can kinda see why.

The Right has been hoping Obama was weak on freedom of religion and have been hammering him on it for the past few weeks. That's all it takes for Freepers to take it, crazy it up, and make it an article of faith:

LowTaxesEqualsProsperity loves non sequitors:
This, from a president who used to snort cocaine.

That’s rich.
"Obama tried cocaine, your policy is invalid."

swamprebel knows Obama himself is a crime syndicate!
Wow, and I’m supposed to believe 0bummer is not the largest money laundering crime syndicate in the world???
I just laughed so hard I spewed milk on the keyboard.
dagogo redux sees this as a sign of voter fraud in November!
With this move, Obama clearly signals that he doesn’t care if he sabotages his re-election chances. Playing his hand in this manner tells me he has no intention of allowing legitimate elections in November.
icwhatudo thinks Pope inserting the Church into American politics would totally help.
Its all out war against the Church. Time for the Church to fight back. Start by denying communion to all democrat politicians that support abortion and homosexual marriage.
The Muslim smells uppity Infidel blood.

liberalh8ter loves the war rhetoric:
This is an all-out assault on Catholicism and Catholics had better recognize it for what it is. In fact, Christians had better take notice. Obama is making his move here. He's looking to defeat Catholicism and Christianity while simultaneously promoting Islam.
there are Muslim countries on the list already, but never mind the facts!

JudgemAll and his sticky shift key know this is all because Obama wants to rape nuns.
Catholics have virgin nunns. THis is a nono for homosexual muslim perverts. ALl women should be whores according to them.

CAtholicism will be made illegal. Abstinance will be made illegal. Women will have no choice but to either get some man’s protection (generaly a f@g promoting CPS homosexual agent), or work on the sidewalk, or, if not drafted and going to school, be relegated to FLuke’s government paid condoms.


  1. Look for the secret Vatican pin code scribbled in the corner of the Mona Lisa, Freepers.


    I watched the pilot, it's just a normal sit-com, maybe a little better than average.

    Something like 70% of Americans identify as Christians. Why can't a super-majority take a joke? I can. I like Jesus and I grew up in East Texas too.

    The Good Christian Bitches I knew were not, of course, so crazy rich as the ones portrayed in the TV show but the ones who were better off gloried in it. In other words, this shit is real. I know. I practically are one. ;)

    It's not about blasphemy, Freepers. Take your American Taliban bullshit and go away. It's about Texas and my wacky, beloved family and friends. We can take a joke.

  3. Actually I am totally in agreement with icwhatudo's suggestion. The Catholic church should force people to choose between receiving communion or being pro-choice/pro-same-sex-marriage. Stop trying to have things both ways and stop giving money to this bigoted institution "liberal" Catholics!