Monday, March 26, 2012

Santorum's "Obamaville" video.

Santorum has released a hilariously over the top anti-Obama fearmongering video. It's so over the to, some Freepers think it's a bit much. Most, though, are too far gone to care about politics these days:

who knows what evil? knows there are two types of people: conservatives and sodomites:

The sodomites are squealing like stuck pigs...conservatives don’t care for this because it paints an ugly future that they would rather deny is coming...

Vision believes!

Propagandists don’t like the truth.

rabidralph loves the subliminal aspects!

LOL! “sworn American enemy” Look for the flash frame of Obama intermingled with Akmadinijad. Download this now before someone really complains and gets it pulled.

MulberryDraw is inspired to add branding to Freepers' crazy claims:

That single word, “Obamaville” can now be followed by many many sound bites. That’s how the “all-important” center thinks.


where gun sales are through the roof.
toilet paper holds its value better than the dollar,
but contraception is free. (let the masses eat that!)...

Houghton M. is sure Freepers who don't like the add are just against Santorum.

If Newt had made this video he would be praised for it by the same people trashing it now. Perhaps not by you, but by most of those trashing it now.

If that doesn’t apply to you, great.

But about 99% of the criticism by conservatives of this video would evaporate if it had been made by Newt. Then it would be strong and forceful and “taking it to Obama.”

That’s my point. Double-standards are not limited to Lefists. FRingrichers have them too.

I was hoping for a huge flame-war about Newt versus Santorum, but it's mostly just wining.

Common Sense 101 knows no add is too negative!

Imagery is WAY too suggestive/negative at this point.

More negative than the past three years and the prospect of four more years of the ignorant jug-eared Marxist?

As I said up top, the 4 years of relentless apocalyptic rhetoric has burned out some Freepers' practical sense. When the end of the world is staring you in the face, the end not only justifies the means, but the end itself is lost amidst the drama.

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