Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monday potpourri.

Eventful week!

editor-surveyor hates those lucky handicapped geniuses:
Hawking has never offered anything useful to physics; he was granted the degree due to pity.
Never mind that he singlehandedly invented the field of thermodynamic cosmology!

daisy mae for the usa has decided Anonymous is Marxist and SOROS:

I saw a video that Anon put out saying they declared war on America.
This same group was involved heavily with getting Occupy Wall Street up and running. They talk about freedom and liberty, but they are in actuality a Marxist group in league with the Soros types.
They are ruthless to this end. It’s a sad state. I wish Marxists could see the beauty in the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and our US Constitution! But their minds are closed.

apoliticalone has now decided sanctions on Iran and North Korea are Obama's plan for World War 3:
If you want a mean dog you mistreat it. The Nazis were also sanctioned which led to unrest, WW2 and Holocaust. Our leaders won’t blink twice to use millions of human lives as fodder.
Misinformation is used to convince them to become fodder. Be naive and trusting if you wish. I don’t trust any politician, government, corporation or their mouthpiece the media to give us anything other than lies and misinformation intended to keep power and create wealth for the few. Very bad days are potentially ahead for most. They will have us bickering about trivialities as part of the process.
I see my hands on Obama's Superpowers:
it's different with Obama. If he's heard to say he hates the f'ing Jews then hating f'ing Jews will become the righteous position. If he declares his love for communism then communism will be solidified as the moral and enlightened system. If a vid exists of him in drag performing sodomy on another man then such behavior will be accepted to the degree that young students are encouraged (more blatantly than they are now) to do the same and ostracized if they don't.

His minions are not just in the White House, they are legion. Most people are insecure.. propaganda works.

The Wizard laments Free Republic isn't crazy enough:

As soon as Andrew had passed away I had a post asking if he was killed because of his bambi videos, and here on Freepublic I am ashamed to say it was removed.......

since then Mike Savage and others have said the same thing and the posts were allowed to stand......what does that say about what is happening here.....

I love FreeRepublic and the tremendous service it provides.....but let’s not over react, because my post raised a legit question that other have echoed.....

LibLieSlayer is paranoid, even on Free Republic:

The enemy is all around us... send Jim a private message if you have evidence.

noinfringers2 goes tin foil:
I will say that Obama and Hillary are under the control of the same cabal/enablers who decided that Obama was the person for their times. Hillary just laid back like a good soldier. Who/what is this cabal? I have my thoughts and opinions which don’t seem to be the public’s perception.
laid back like a good soldier?

elcid1970 has his own version of the Limbaugh slut brouhaha:

The private citizen under attack is none other than RUSH LIMBAUGH!!

Under attack by no less than the President of the United States and members of Congress and the dominant media.

This is nothing less than RAW FASCISM!!

What’s next, federal stormtroopers banging on his studio doors?

The culture war is heating up, folks.

Brown Deer knows what sorts of women study sex and gender!
Rush was right! She was enrolled in Sexual Studies at Cornell University ten years ago.
Bryanw92 thinks the GOP is going to throw the election. The motive is not disclosed, however:
[Obama] knows the fix is in. The GOP will throw the election as soon as they destroy the last conservative. The Just-Us Dept will ignore voter fraud. Obama will make a vague promise to “help the middle class” with rising fuel prices and the minorities and media will rally around his red banner.
Venturer has a legitimate question:

How did a Muslim get to be Judge in the first place.


  1. How did a Muslim get to be Judge in the first place.

    Yeah, it's like they totally ignored the guy's religion and made him a judge on his qualifications alone! Crazy!

  2. There have been times when the crazy at Free Republic is turned down to a respectable 3. I commented on that here one time. Now that Freepers have lost one issue after another, one candidate after another etc. etc. they have ratcheted up the crazy to 11.

    It's not even fun anymore. Making fun of Freepers is like Rush doing a little herky jerky dance in his chair as he made fun of Michael J. Fox.

    Freepers, you are everyone's crazy Uncle Larry. We do not enjoy seeing you go off the deep end.

    Do this, for me, please. When you see a comment that is factually incorrect, do your forum a favor and point to the correction. Start talking about facts. Correct your fellows. This wild talk about a false alarm at Rush's house and the supposed assasination of that Breitbart (sp?) guy is worrisome.

    And, yes, when Rush tells a young lady to post sex videos on the net so we can all see them, that's over the line. You know, Christian values.


  4. Web Darwinism in action. Zot out the intelligent, thoughtful posters who are pleased to debate opposing views repectfully and you're left with... Well, you're left with Free Republic 2012.