Friday, March 9, 2012

Soledad O'Brien must go!

Freepers continue to have some kind of visceral need for Breitbart to posthumously take out Obama.

So they're attacking Derrick Bell with a mad intensity, not caring about any collateral damage.

And thus CNN anchor Soledad O'Brein gets caught up in the guilt by association for tweeting some nice things about the Prof.

gaijin tries to gin up some faux anger:
She’s an adherent of racist extremism.


Turn-around is fair play, right Rush..?
Cringing Negativism Network also hopes to defend Limbaugh with a vaguely parallel attack:

Fire her. Boycott her sponsors!
Dick Vomer senses fear.
They are crapping their pants.
No word on who they are. CNN, I guess?

Kickass Conservative looks forwards to shooting Ms. O'Brein when the revolution begins:
Looks like a lot of doors to knock on when the Revolution begins.
wardaddy knows products of miscegenation always turn out evil:
What percentage of multiracial folks like her and Obama are so conflicted and self loathing by half
With a name like Soledad her folks must have been radicals

Gonna look it up....

Black Cuban mom

Irish Aussie dad

Radical education..the usual

Married to wall street guy...lotsa kids...well at least she must like plus in a sea of America is a aCrime BS
MARKUSPRIME randomly laments how liberals are too crazy to listen to Freepers unhinged accusations about Obama:
Obama could be on stage raping a small child and the liberals would find some excuse like he’s invented a new Heimlich maneuver or something to cover for him. To them he is their liberal messiah and can not do any wrong. Its sick and dangerous. God help us.
I'm seeing more and more of this futility narrative as Freepers get more and more crazy and desperate about Obama. It's the only way they can integrate their increasingly outlandish vision of Obama as obvious villain with the reality that most of America thinks he's pretty cool.

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  1. Freepers (and other RWNJs) seem to think that there's some vetting that must be done to Obama that will show Americans how much of a dangerous radical he really is. The trouble is, that sort of thing only works BEFORE the candidate gets into office. Obama has been president for over 3 years now. The only people they're going to convince that he's a dangerous radical are those who have believed it all along.