Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brietbard III: I'm not a conspiracy nut but...

Okay okay, last Brietbart's death conspiracy post for today. But this is OBL's Death level of evidenceless speculation spiraling off to wherever Freepers' crazy paranoia takes it.

But this crazy is clearly going to be around for a while, so I need to lay off. After this last one.

Conspiracies need no evidence - ad hominem against the authorities is enough:

cableguymn has all the evidence he needs:
I don’t trust a LA County Coroner.
stephenjohnbanker has decided all Democrats are automatically into covering up Obama's murders:
The L.A. Coroner is a Democrat hack.....might as well have Obama perform it.
ScottinVA allows that Coroner may not be evil, just intimidated by Obama's thugs.
If the cause of death was anything other than natural, I have no doubt the L.A. County Coroner has been advised as to what the “findings” shall read.

I trust nothing on this matter... there`s already wayyy too much circumstantial weirdness NOT to have some measure of suspicion.
Alas, none of the mentioned evidence was ever actually mentioned.

stephenjohnbanker thinks all of LA cannot be trusted:
L.A. has an 80+ year history of corruption in determining causes of death, dating back to silent movies. The only place it would have been more suspicious is in Chicago : )
Regulator thinks this is just too much of a coincidence, given Soviet Russia:
Lemme see now....
A guy who said he had videos of Barack HUSSEIN Obama when he was younger....and he ends up keeling over at age 43.

Just a co-inky-dink.

Communists always do this. The history of the 20th century is littered with Red murders, that are always "accidents".

The evidence will be next to impossible to find.

But it's there.
Doc91678 knows all sorts of things:
Well, we already know that Obama is willing to assassinate his ‘enemies’.
We know that the KGB pioneered the use of small doses of Hydrogen cyanide in gas form to mimic a heart attack in the assassination of their enemies.
Scythian has another possible murder weapon!
Microwave hit, I hear they’re undetectable (don’t know if that’s true though).
halfright thinks this is a planned distraction from the Important Story:
Didja ever notice how every time Fast and Furious gets hot and heavy something happens to divert our attention??? If I was the family I would ask that an independent Medical Examiner from another jurisdiction stand in with the LA Coroner.

Wasn’t it Andrew who had the truth about Acorn through the kid and his gf? Sad we allow ACORN to live after that.
ACORN will never die in Freepers' fevered imagination!

robowombat knows liberals well enough to fear them:
I have never been into conspiracy theories before but this happening in LA and what I know about the uninhibited nature of crazy hatred by lib/Marxists there it does seem possible.
clamper1797 isn't a conspiracy nut, but he's a conspiracy nut.
Though I have never been a “conspiracy nut” ... I would NOT put anything past this regime. Someone once said “trust but verify” ... I would verify EVERYTHING while this “bunch” is in charge
goseminoles digs deep!
I found it odd that AB’s tweets were from a blackberry all day yesterday, but his las tweet was from an ipad. Was he carrying an ipad when he died???
ipadgate, will it ever be solved?

izzatzo hates living in fear:
I maintain that the ‘rats are purposely creating a political environment not dissimilar to what Stalin and Hitler created in their respective countries in the 1920’s-’30’s, one in which political assassination is the norm rather than the exception; and, let’s face it, Obama is a despot wannabe. It wouldn’t be the first time Ricin has been used.

Man, I wish some Freepers could go to Soviet Russia just for a bit of perspective.

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  1. Talk about melodramatic!!! If I didn't know better I would swear it was a parody website something like The Onion only in a 90's style forum.