Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Potpourri Pr. 2

The Crazy continues!

muir_redwoods has stretched the meaning of 'fascist' beyond all utility:
All governments are fascist.
svcw read some made up things about Carter, and pastes them onto Obama:
I read awhile back that Carter considered himself of average inelegance and detested being around people who were more intelligent than he viewed himself, so all of his advisers, czars, appointments, whatever, he made sure they were less than him, so he could feel superior.
I would say that is BHO issue as well.
lol @ "average inelegance."

Jmouse007 also discusses some fictional, evil Nazi-Carter.
If it were in his power to do so, Jimmy Carter would physically help Iran, throw Jews into the ovens. The man is a disgrace and no friend of Israel or the Jews.
Probably has a goatee as well.

manc homo homo homo homo.
It is announced on here that say homo depot is activily getting workers who are homo’s, who give money to the homo agenda and who push the homo agenda and even on here many still shop there.
Only Mamzelle knows the POWER OF JON STEWART!
Drudge didn't get Obama elected, Jon Stewart got Jon elected. Anyone who spent any time around college-age people should know that they were all voting to be able to sit at the Cool Table.
Without the Mean Girl, Jon Stewart, Obama would probably not have been elected because the stupid college kids would have stayed in their dorms smoking dope November, 2008.

Everyone on FR underestimates the reach and influence of this repulsive, dirty-mouthed creep on Comedy Central, at least in 2008.
Quix has a prayer:

In honor of the fallen one’s mission in behalf of truth and freedom,

please raise up


IN Jesus’ Name.

So be it.

All the gays PGR88 has lived with have been cursed with drama:
I also lived in NYC, DC, LA and even abroad - and have had homosexual house-mates, classmates and friends, particularly during my younger school years, when one couldn't pick and choose for cheap housing.
Some were the nasty types you mentioned, but I know others who were/are kind, decent people.
Regardless, ALL seemed to suffer greatly because of their homosexuality (or in conjunction with it). Mental illness, drug/alcohol addition, sexual promiscuity, disease, gay violence and sick brutality, betrayal - some or all of these afflict every homosexual I know.
It is very said, and is truly a curse which they suffer under.
The push to normalize this for society is something which can only be considered evil.
Want to know how I know boomop1 has never been to Michigan?
Union and Muzie land.
Sarah Barracuda on the left's secret Hitler love:
The left always likes bringing up Hitler, like they hate him, yet when you go to an Occupy Wall Street protest, they go on and on about how they hate the Jews..progressives only bring up Hitler when it suits them, but in reality they admire him
FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs wonders things:
I’ve always wondered if 0bama’s security was the ‘Nation of Islam’ with Secret Service suits on.
Ending on a high note, wallcrawlr genuinely made me smile with this:
I like Rush AND I like sluts.

I’ve never been more conflicted.

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  1. Dude he had homosexual housemates and that makes him an authority on all things homosexual I doubt his claim though it sounds too much like the old "I'm not racist I have black friends"