Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Condom Shame

This could be from a commenter, I don't know anymore.

Planned Parenthood has released condoms with a bar code, letting you check in when they are used. "Sex that safe, should be shared" they say. I doubt it will catch on, but if it will encourage safe sex, it's worth a try.

Freepers, disagree. Apparently in their world condom use is shameful and possibly gives you AIDS.

annieokie thinks the bar code is on the condom, not the wrapper, and her assumptions only get crazier from there:
This is a big UGH!!!, what the heck, they picking those things up and scanning them or take them to a Condom scanner person, YUCK?
Well I guess it is JOB opportunity to be a Condom scanner./s Will wonders ever cease?
MichaelCorleone knows encouraging safe sex is basically encouraging whoredom:
A real class outfit, that PP. Why don’t they cut to the chase and open up a brothel in the back?
OldArmy52 thinks condoms should be used in shameful privacy!
So...find a used rubber and now one can tell where it was used? Golly, now one can know if used in which one of three holes? Or in the hand? Or?

Seems the PP folks could serve humanity better by picking up roadside litter.
NoGrayZone doesn't seem to understand what condoms do:
That would explain the AIDS epidemic in the homo world “that doesn’t exist”.


  1. Louis C.K. announced as the headliner for the Correspondent's Dinner this year, and the article posted highlights how he called Palin some amazing things.
    This of course spirals into a discussion of Rush, Breitbart, and of course, Hitler. This is awesome:

    "The left always likes bringing up Hitler, like they hate him, yet when you go to an Occupy Wall Street protest, they go on and on about how they hate the Jews..progressives only bring up Hitler when it suits them, but in reality they admire him"


  2. Once again you found one of my Monday gems!

  3. @Doctor_TeethMD-

    From your link:
    "The WHCD however has invited Louis CK knowing full well what he’s said. By inviting him they’re endorsing it. Would they have invited him if he’d said similar comments with a racial slant? Or against gays? Jews? I doubt it. (Maybe they would, who knows?)."

    Apparently this person has never heard Louis CK do stand up. He makes profane jokes about all those groups and more (including his own children). Hell, he might be the only white comedian who seemingly gets away with saying "nigger" on stage.

  4. @Ozy

    These people make me laugh so hard I piss tears and cry piss.


    "Take responsibility. They found a way to say nigger—because when you say 'the N-word' you put the word nigger in the person's head. You say 'the N-word' and I go 'Oh, she means nigger.' That's just white people getting away with saying nigger. Don't hide behind the first letter like a faggot."

  5. Louis C.K. and Rush Limbaugh are both entertainers. Louis C.K. is funny. Rush Limbaugh is not.

    "Don't hide behind the first letter like a faggot."
    Thanks for that quote, Dr. TeethMD. I roared laughing.