Monday, March 19, 2012

Why would Bin Laden kill Omoslem when Omoslem is destroying the USA for him?

Because Free Republic is too crazy for me to cover alone these days, euphgeek strikes again!

Bin Laden wanted to kill the US President? That's hardly news. But to Freepers, who hate even Obama's Secretary of Defense more than Bin Laden, the idea that Bin Laden would kill Obama makes no sense!

is pissed Bin Laden doesn't get the Freeper worldview:
Deeply flawed thinking, Osama. Why work hard to replace the best tool the mid-east has ever known?
Noamie concentrates on what's important - Freepers remain hypothetical victims:

Even if it occurred in Afghan airspace, they would still blame the Tea Party.

Lonesome in Massachussets tries to use pop-psychology to straighten things out:
Osama was a sadistic, bitter killer, an Islamic Charles Manson. He got off on killing people, the more important the victim, the more important it made Osama feel.
Nice try, but that's how Freepers think all Muslims are.

Gaffer realizes tha answer is just that Bin Laden's death was faked:

I simply do not believe it. I would treat any evidence of this the same as an examination of the Messiah’s self-proffered birth certicate. This is an insult to intelligence that probably all of his consituents will dumbly believe. I will not.

The man is a Muslim; Bin Laden and the rest of the Jihadist manical Islamic world knows this like they know their favorite verses of the satanic Quran.

FreeAtlanta agrees = this is all fake:

With this and the supposed killing of OBL, BO has turned Bin Ladin into a big bad Straw Man that he knocked down.

al baby would like to take this moment to make an "Obama is a monkey" joke.

When Joe Biden heard that the lead Monkee had died, he ran down the hall of the White House yelling,

“I’m the frickin’ President!”

Buckeye McFrog wonders how deep the rabbit hole goes:
For that matter why would he have done 9-11? Seems to me their prior tactic of "emigrate and reproduce" had been wildly successful.


  1. Interesting how Osama and the Freepers hate the same people. And Freepers spent the Bush presidency trying to tell us that liberals were the terrorist sympathizers?

  2. By the way, this was just called to my attention:

  3. I wouldn't call the engineering of a terror plot that killed 3000+ people a "straw man".