Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama: Communist or a Muslim? Both!

A Freeper asks how Obama can be both Communist and Muslim. Freepers respond:

OKSooner read somewhere Carlos the Jackle predicted Obama!
He is both.
I heard somewhere that when Carlos the Jackal finally got caught, he said that the only way to destroy the US would be thru an alliance of Communism and Islam.

Now here we have it, in the flesh.

Don't buy anything on credit.
Joe 6-pack brings up all the Muslim Soviets (?!)
While it may seem oxymoronic on the surface, the two systems are not entirely incompatible, especially when those on both sides are willing to make compromises to improve their own lot. One could just as easily make the assertion that one could not be both a Communist and a Christian, but throughout the third world there are legions of those who consider themselves 'Christians' but the brand of liberation theology they've been sold is nothing more than marxism with the distorted veneer of Christinity.

In many of the former Soviet 'stans islam was sold in a similar way and many considered themselves both.
But I thought Islam wasn't like Christianity!

TennesseeGirl knows evil people can be everything evil at once!
As long as they have mutual goals, such as destroying everything that is America -- from Christianity -- which the Communist think of as an opiate of the masses (or as Obama put it at the fundraiser in SF in '07 or '08 -- "they cling to their guns and their Bibles") or Islam which detests Christianity and Judaism to financial (Capitalism). The Communists and the Muslims do have a similiar goal up to a point.

There is historical precedent for this. Remember, the Muslims aided and abetted with the Nazis. They, too, had a common a point.
PLD just lays out the facts about Obama's past, steeped in both evils:
His mother was raised Communist and which ever was his dad was Muslim..So he was trained in both..He was sent to a Muslim school in In Indonesia,and his mentor Davis his mother and grandparent Communist ..So yes I do think this moron can practice both..

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