Monday, March 26, 2012

A taxonomy of Crazy

Via Dr. Teeth. Always a source for rich veins of crazy.

“On all these issues, particularly on missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space,” Obama says. “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

I guess it's that this was caught when Obama thought he was off-mike, but paranoia really sets in. Freepers all hear something different than an actual statement of political realities. But what they hear varies depending on the neurosis of the individual Freeper. I have set up a non-exhaustive taxonomy for you folks:

Aevery_Freeman is of the 'Voter Fraud' Camp.
Primary take away here:

Obama knows he's going to win!

The fix is in, folks.
kabar agrees, and also adds the usual lament that the GOP won't use this clear evidence of Obama's treason:

The height of arrogance or is Obama so sure of his voter fraud machine that the outcome of the election is not in doubt. Hopefully, the Stupid Party will use this audio to nail this Marxist.

NEMDF is not only into the voter fraud thing, he has figured out Obama's every move!
I think you might be right. He has many, many campaign workers researching the voter rolls and lists of the deceased to be sure that they get in a vote for every dead registered voter out there. Probably some bribes lined up for stuffing ballot boxes and/or finding whole boxes of ballots under the stairs in the church polling places, if need be.
dandiegirl is of the Birther Tribe, far from her usual home:

Putin has the goods on BO’s background including where he was born. He’s probably being blackmailed . This is why Congress should look into BO’s past and actually do something about it.v

butterdezillion is the head of the Nonspecific Apocalypse Folk:

Translation: “I have to hide what I’m up to until after this election but then there will be nothing to stop me from totally annihilating the US of A.”

America, you better be listening to this.

Nice of Obama to wait till his second term to annihilate.

F15Eagle is another fan of nonspecificity, citing Ayers and Brietbart to prove there is Plotting Afoot!
The Ayers seemed to have long-range goals, according to their mailman. As Breitbart said, folks were plotting. Wasn’t that sometime in 2012 that Breitbart said that? (meaning, recently before his untimely demise).
vanilla swirl is also of the folk, with a SOROS bonus!

Increasingly evident that Obama is the Manchurian Candidate who took Soros’ order to bring America down.

Venturer is of the Muslim subgroup of the folk:
The Muslim will sell us out right after the election.
allendale is a member of the Overdramatic Historical Society, non-sequitor branch.

Always remember the modern Democratic Party is the greatest internal threat to the well being of the United States since the formation of the Confederacy. Never trust a liberal.

Though to be fair, hyperbolic attacks on all liberals are always welcome on Free Republic, regardless of the supposed topic!

Yaelle is a hoary old Cold Warrior, still vigilant for the Commies around every tree, and likely clutching an old McCarthy pin.

I think it’s starting to make sense why SAD [Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's biological mother] was in a Russian class waaaay back

A communist daddy. Her first semester in college and she takes Russian. Hmmm. And big Daddy Obama was also taking in Russian. In 1960, height of the Cold War. Hmmm.

STD is into Civil War 2, but looks how he changes with the season:

Deliberate Bait to bring on Phase three. Be watchful, but as peaceful as ‘whittle wamms’

Yes, Freepers may seem to be rarin' for Civil War if Obama gets reelected, but when put-up-or-shut-up time comes, they'll shut up, citing "that's what Obama wants us to do."

Just like last time.

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  1. Harry the HorribleMarch 27, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    Sign me up for the "Nonspecific Apocalypse Folk." He can risk more once he's a lame duck.