Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freepers try to understand liberals

FARK linked to an interesting article claiming conservatives understand liberals better than vice-versa.

But, as Cracked's Free Republic comments have recently pointed out, Freepers are hardly ordinary conservatives.

MrB has studied liberals' neurosis, and has decided they are commies in denial.

Although I’ve made it a point, through my personal worldview studies, to understand the liberal neurosis, and the base assumptions thereof,

I find the most frustrating thing is that they are in such denial that they support the causes of communism and fascism through their advocacy.

ImJustAnotherOkie discusses the liberals he encounters:
most liberals I encounter are just plain stupid naive people who need a keeper.
aruanan cites Jesus, though I can't figure out why:
One does not become a liberal. One is born a liberal. In the fullness of time, a few grow up. Others remain with the child's view of life: The world is whatever I believe it to be. This is nothing new, Jesus talked about it when he referred to his generation "They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling out to each other:

“‘We played the pipe for you,
and you did not dance;
we sang a dirge,
and you did not cry."
Drawsing brings up Freepers' oft-repeated canard that liberals are literbugs:
Liberals also feel entitled...to leave a filthy mess wherever they go. Which explains the mountains of garbage left after a liberal rally. Conservative gatherings leave the place nice and tidy. Liberal’s sense of dependence/entitlement/victimhood leaves them in a perpetual state of adolescent irresponsibility with a “the government will clean up after me” mentality.
Kaslin found a thesaurus!

I don’t hate liberals. I despise and loathe them

Beagle8U goes in for some kind of mystical farmer's elitism:
The average liberal is...well below average by almost every measure.

Being liberal is a self defense mechanism. Forget ‘fight or flight’, liberals just stand there being ‘liberal’. Sure, in the real world it would get them killed, but in liberal world it gets them protected, and often supported by tax payers.

Most liberals are educated morons.

Ask yourself this question... Do you know any liberals that know anything that can't be read in books? Ask them a question and they immediately start searching their I-pad or Maxi-pad,( something like that ) for an answer.

Oak leaves are smarter than liberals.

Ask a liberal when to plant corn or when the crappies are on their beds and they will stand there looking stupid or start searching their pads. Oak leaves know these things.

Ask the same liberal when snapping turtles lay their eggs...
more dumb looks ( by now the dumb bastard is crying..hee hee), but even corn knows this one.

Walkingfeather has decided petty tribalism is the only rational answer:

We need to shed the, “ Oh we cant be mean” attitude and start knocking them off their game. We will never convince them over to our side by our sound arguments.
Shift your perspective this morning. Think about, “how can i screw up a liberals day, just for the fact they are a liberal and nothing more?” Be proactive.
freedomfiter2 sees liberals everywhere:
The writer left out the worst one, Liberals run just about everything including the GOP.


  1. Let me send a big shout out to the people at Cracked. It's possibly the best site on the internet.

  2. Comrades! We no longer have to live in fear! According to Wikipedia: "[The common snapping turtle] mates from April through November, with their peak laying season in June and July."

    At last the final obstacle to the glorious people's republic is removed! LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!