Monday, March 5, 2012

Social Conservative Ninjas

This is from before the Michigan primary, but I think it's even more germane to what's happening now that the right's gone all in against women using birth control.

Freepers try to rationalize their "liberty except in the bedroom" stance. The conclusion they come to: it's not hypocritical it's awesome, but stop telling anyone about it!

jwalsh07 lays out the usual case - you can't have Freedom till you force people to act correctly!
You don’t seem to understand that you can not separate the two. Great Society social programs amplified by Obama have record numbers of people getting food stamps. Record numbers of babies are being born out of wedlock. The biggest predictor of using food stamps is being born out of wedlock. What part of this don’t you get?????????????????
Cicero knows the only honest politician is one who agrees with him:
If you ask whether social or economic issues are more important, then people who are feeling the pain or are out of jobs will probably say economic.

After all, “social issues” is kind of a vague term.

But if you ask them whether they would vote for a baby killer who wants to train kids in kindgarten to be gay, their response might be different.

Or if you ask them whether they would want to vote for an honest politician who understands the difference between right and wrong, or a lying crook who could care less, they’d probably choose the first. Well, that’s pretty much what “social issues” means.

Politicians who don’t give a damn how many babies are killed are unlikely to be very trustworthy on other issues, including economic issues. They may talk the talk, but how can you trust someone without any moral values?
UnbelievingScumOnTheOtherSide knows small government is God's reward for proper government control of sex!
Here is the deal: America gets on the right side of God on some things, or God gives you over to socialist economy wreckers.
jersey117 thinks social issues are important, but Obama is SO EVIL, we need to make an exception just this once.
We find it insulting that some want to abandon social issues.

We shouldn't abandon them but we also shouldn't put them at the top of the priority list this particular election.
This isn't your average Democrat/Republican election. Obama isn't a democrat. He's an evil radical hell bent on changing this country like nothing we've ever seen. His first three years are Exhibit A. Our children and grandchildren will never know what was our America if he gets a second term. It was the independents who put obama over the top last election. Do you honestly thing we can win without them? Let's get rid of obama and then focus our attention on our agenda.
RitaOK also thinks Santorum should be hiding his crazy agenda till he gets elected!
I share the views of Rick Santorum to every crossed “t”.

I would not run on those views, understanding that the indoctrinated American voter does NOT share those views, but I would try to govern with those views where I could, where I might be able to influence direction, or, a redirection.

Why give away your location? I just don’t get it. No experienced pol’ would do that.

The only possible reason I can come up with is that Rick is simply working over the conservative electorate to smarmy them.
"smarmy them?"


  1. Thought they had reached the absolute
    limit of tin foil paranoid crazy months ago...

    Was a "member" there years ago but quickly realized that they just like to drink and fight, as if in a bar, and many are so easily offended they will look for any exuse to bring out the daggers. It is amusing to watch them continue to undermine the Tea party and the gop.

  2. I'd keep an eye on this thread. There aren't any comments yet but this is the kind of thing a good FReeper would die for: Obama's transgender ex nanny.

  3. I'd like to take a moment to thank Rick Santorum for opening up this can of worms. Thank you Rick, you, along with Rush, have lost a Presidential race the Republican Party should have won.

    Ozy makes a good point here. The Republicans should have kept this under their hats. Everything was going fine until there were only 3 contenders left. Then Santorum opened his big mouth and all hell broke loose.

    If only the Not-Romney faction of the Republican Party had played their cards better. Do you remember the Cain Train? You guys had us in tears. It was hard to tell if that was not really just a joke. And look what happened to Cain. Then you picked Gingrich. Seriously, Gingrich? He's got more baggage than LAX. You Freepers who gloried in decrying Clinton's peccadilloes sold your souls. You sold your souls. Then Gingrich flamed out and you were left with Rick Santorum. Now this brouhaha has tanked Republican Presidential chances.

    Good work, Freepers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, get back to work on your poison dart theories or whatever it is that you do these days.

    It's on to the next news cycle but I promise you this, the ladies are going to remember in November. And a lot of us guys too. We actually like girls.

  4. Two more of the Obama nanny threads:

    I thought they'd pounce all over this but I'm afraid it looks like they can't look past the "transgender" part to get to the evil gay crazy obama territory I was hoping for.

    1. Probably just on a Bud Lite run. This whole political circus is so pathetic and yet i cannot look away .

  5. Yeah, one of the links had potential, kidglov3s, but it cannot yet live up to the high crazy standards set in this past week.

    I think I'll wait till this inevitably comes up in the General election