Monday, March 5, 2012


After their epic 3 year abstructathon, The GOP has very little these days beyond being crazy on social issues.

So as gas prices rise, Freepers are super eager to use it to whack at Obama, and the truth bedamned!

GlockThe Vote roots for pain:
This is going to be great. $5 dollar gas is well worth it to get obama out of office.
GlockThe Vote lays out why gas prices are Obama's secret weakness:
High gas prices are too in your face and visceral.

Plus, thugbama melts like a ice cube in the heat whenever the flak starts coming his way.
ZULU's criticism of Obama is "SOROS IS A NAZI JEW"
His “plan” invovles helping his Judenrat buddy Soros make a fortune in Brazil.

Lying bastard.
liberalh8ter responds to Obama calling out "drill baby drill" as a bumper sticker, not a strategy:
If there’s anything the Halfrican knows about, it’s bumper stickers. His whole life is a bumper sticker.
atc23 agrees:
And “hope and change” was a plan you fruity, skinny little muslim fop?
Yay, faulty comparisons!

Logical me goes on to a political website entirely to proclaim how he doesn't listen to the President. Only on Free Republic.
Can’t listen to that rotten communists King Obama. He is a rotten liar and his brain is so warped.
milagro thinks it's time for conservatives to go for the red meat, like liberals always do!
This IS a bumper sticker issue--short and sweet.
That's why Obama is reacting so strongly to it--he KNOWS it is a "gut" issue that creates strong emotions, and people ACT on emotions much more quickly than "head" issues.

The Dems have EFFECTIVELY used "gut issues" to get people to vote for them--about time we took a page from their playbook!

Is he from the mirror universe or something?

reg45 sucks at this:
2008: “HOPE and CHANGE” —> 2012: “MOPE and CHUMPS”
politicianslie's commentary on gas prices is "MUSLIM MUSLIM MUSLIME RAWRARRA!"
I know what a MUSLIM traitor would do if Hussein was placed in the White House by a conspiracy to destroy the United States:

Oil must be bought from the countries that support the conspiracy. One of Hussein's biggest goals would be to keep the great Satin, the United States, buying oil from the Middle East.

Arab Spring? A Muslim TRAITOR would want to overthrow countries friendly to the United States and replace the governments with radicals who want to support Iran's goal of the destruction of Israel and the United States

Libya went well. Hussein used the US Military to overthrow the government, things are progressing well to radicalize that country

Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood is on schedule to control that country. These Muzzies are radicals who want to destroy Israel.

Iraq: Hussein is removing US forces which will allow the Muzzies to restart violence and overthrow that government.

Hussein and his co-conspirators are laughing at America who allow the MSM and the government to dictate what Americans think. Some of us will be able to clearly see what is going on but the majority will be lulled by the idiots you see on the MSM news propaganda.

Americans really are foolish enough to let their country be destroyed by a traitor and his co-conspirators.

Hussein has simply enabled the radical left in the country which are anti-American anyway. The EPA, the Dept of Education etc. are all destructive, let them destroy while Hussein sets up the Arab countries to destroy the west. And the MSM sleeps and Americans sleep.

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  1. What's the over/under on them demanding the eradication of democracy entirely by 2016?