Monday, March 19, 2012

And now this word from outer space

From Evil Mexicans to Evil Unions edition:

Most Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are NOT immigrants they are INSURGENTS...
True some did go through proper channels but by far most didn’t..

Them or their parents or grand-parents were insurgents.. “wet backs”.. illegal aliens..

Any that have the slightest bit of pride in Mexico are ignorant or delusional..
Mexican food is good but Mexicans have never be able to govern themselves..
Mexicans have ALWAYS been governed by MOB RULE with mobsters in charge..

Many many years ago Mexicans HAD to complete a course on American History strong in Civics..
Actually ANY foreign person had to complete this course..
NOW not even high school students have the slightest idea about Civics..

You can go to college and get a PHD after 8 or so years and be totally ignorant of American History and Civics..

Republicans allowed this to happen and are MORE GUILTY OF IT than democrats are..
Republicans allowed the DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA..
They allowed the Teachers Unions to do this...

By the way did you know that Santo and WIllard support UNIONS...
If would HARD to find any negative comment on UNIONS by either of them..
Actually it would hard to find any comment about any Union Pro or Con..
They will not even MENTION anything about a UNION...

The UNIONS OWN Rick and Willard.. as they do Obama..
HELLO.. anybody notice something strange about this “brotherhood”..

Rambling hatred and bigotry provided by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole...)

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  1. My favorite part,

    "Mexican food is good but Mexicans have never be able to govern themselves.."

    Too funny.