Thursday, March 8, 2012

Derrick Bell - secret racist

Andrew Breitbart's final video seems to be of Obama hugging the first tenured Black Professor at Harvard - Derrick Bell, one of the founders of critical race theory.

He also published some kind of wacky science fiction book with racial themes, but for whatever reason Freepers latched on to this quote:

Bell signed a credo calling for the abolishment of “the white race as a social category – in other words, eradicate white supremacy entirely.”


carriage_hill holds his tongue, or says he is:
Sooooo much to say about this hate-America, racist, commie, lowlife POS, but I won’t. I just won’t...
massgopguy smells white Holocaust:
What does “Abolish” mean? Why, ask the Jews.
Joe the Pimpernel agrees!
Professor Bell would probably approve of a Zyklon B solution.
AEMILIUS PAULUS doesn't bother with quotes, all blacks hate white people!
Blacks hate whites(perhaps resent would be a better term). The real issue being: Why cannot whites accept that fact? Once accepted it could be effectively dealt with.
himno hero is incredible - blacks are racist because of their African Bush blood:
Nobody knows racism like an African or a descendant. Over there? They have traditions that persist right through to today, to this present moment. One of them is genocide. Throughout history they have readily practiced it.

In this case we can see another principle at work... you can take the boy outta da bush, but yuh cant take the bush outta da boy.....
old school sees evidence Obama is gay:
I watched that Breitbart Inc. film clip of Obama lauding this guy Bell but what caught my eye was the still-photo of Bell and the pose he struck!
I mean you don’t have to have “gay-dar” to see this guy’s “flamboyance” on display. The way he rested his hands on his hips indicated to me that he was in touch with his inner-female.
The hug between him and Obama after the introduction was telling.
BlatherNaut thinks this guy is Muslim:

How is this person any different from a Nazi?

Or does he favor a race of white dhimmis subordinate to a Black Supremicist Caliphate?

And THIS guy is Obama's guru? Breitbart was right. Wake up America!


  1. And they wonder why blacks vote overwhelmingly Democratic...

  2. I know freepers are both stupid and crazy, but even I'm surprised to see them defending white supremacy openly.