Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is there any way to stop this?!

Per a commenter.

Previously, Freepers' crazy was limited by the need to remain politically palatable. From their racism to their antisemitism, they didn't let it get too out of control, always bearing in mind plausible deniability and what would play well in Peoria.

But this whole Sandra Fluke thing has that out the window! It's like their buried sexism, and need to defend the sainted Rush ave some sort of evil resonance.

I can't even excerpt this, it's all awful.


  1. That sure is vile but I couldn't help laugh at Beth Phoenix being named dropped on FR, especially when the poster misspells K2's name while doing so.

  2. I didn't ever think a freeper could stoop any lower but I see they have this is the most disgusting thread I have ever seen These people are deranged and are probably dangerous. These people scare me.