Thursday, March 29, 2012

Treyvon Martin continues

Freepers continue to decide their speculations are the facts in the Treyvon Martin killing.

But the other thing they are doing is to miss the reason for the outrage. In this case, the killer is known but hasn't been arrested, and wasn't even really investigated. Not that the racial aspect isn't part of it, but it's Zimmerman's seeming privilege that makes the case special.

But Freepers are only seeing the race aspect. Small wonder, since that feeds right into their white-people-are-victims/coming Obama race war narratives.

So this week Freeper have really been enjoying pointing out cases where white folks were victimized by blacks, and yet it hasn't gone national. Every anecdote, of course, is proof Obama loves black-on-white violence.

Dilbert San Diego is a case-in-point:

Facts are stubborn things.

The fact is that young black men commit a disproportionate amount of serious crimes in this country.
We could debate all the reasons for this. Heck, entire books have been written about this problem. But, it’s fact that there is a critical mass of criminal element in the
black community.
The liberal view is that we’re not supposed to talk about all of the black on black crime, gang violence, drugs, etc.
A rare case of a non-black shooting of a black youth in the Travyon Martin case is being extrapolated to show that we are a racist bigoted society, and that the biggest danger to black youth is a racist with a gun. But the stubborn facts are that the biggest danger to young black men are other black men with guns, not racists with guns.

Yes, the accusations of outrage have to do merely with the race, not with how the shooter got to joke with the cops and then head home.

Freddd knows Obama only apologizes to blacks and Muslims:

Two whites killed by a black for no reason.
Obama won’t say a word. Even though they contacted him 3 times.
They simply aren’t Eric Holder’s ‘people’.

No word on whether Santorum, Newt and Romney contacted this family, as they too weighed in on the Treyvon case.

jiggyboy accuses Obama of being a politician:

Obama picks his areas for “concern” in exactly the same way as he picks
his campaign stops, which is what they are — fleeting, soon forgotten episodes
of retail-level campaigning, photo opportunities, and sound bytes more
appropriate to a Chicago alderman’s race than the day to day operation of the
Presidency of the United States.

Oh, not just a politician, a crappy one! The Outrage!!

Pollster1 repeats the current Freeper received wisdom that Obama's offering of sympathy by saying his son would look like Treyvon was exclusive, and that non-black kids need not apply.

If Obama had a son, he would look like . . . the killer in this case. No, I don’t see Obama feeling sympathetic to the parents. For him it’s all about race - especially race as a source of personal power.

Kenny Bunk gets the message:

The message to you isn't at all subliminal.
Vote for me or there will be massive "urban unrest."
The message to "them" is "Begin now." Not only will violent African-American behavior be tolerated, it will be ecouraged, and worst of all, rewarded.
Planned chaos.

Yes, just like the black flash-mobs last summer started the race war?

rightwingextremist1776 is totally ready:

Then lots of them will be meeting their maker......
I say BRING IT ON! It’s time to end this BS one way or the other.

Well, it is time to end the BS...

Gay State Conservative feels bad for the parents, cause they don't get how evil Obama is:

These poor parents don't seem to understand.There are no votes in Obama expressing *any* kind of regret for the death of these kids.If their sons were black and the killer was white they very probably would have been invited to the White House but,alas....
It's certainly easy to see why they wouldn't understand...there's nobody in British politics with a character that even *remotely* resembles that of our Community Organizer-In-Chief


  1. The weirdest thing about the parents that contacted Obama is that they're British- why the hell are they asking the American president to weigh in on the murder of their children in the first place?

    And I love the continued Freeper narrative that Obama just injected his personal views into the Trayvon story- correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he asked about it by reporters? He didn't just comment out of the blue.

    1. Those reporters were Lamestream drive-by gotcha LSM commie Soros Maxist Muzzlin Decepticon Cavity Creep Dutch plants put in place by 0bamanson to ask those questions. Dumbass.

  2. A number of freepers seem a little turned on by the pictures of this transgendered beauty contestant:

    And what is with conservatives (not just freepers) who think they know so much about biology and sex and just decide that X and Y chromosomes determine EVERYTHING about sex? I guess they like to keep things simple, Bible, constitution and DNA is all I need to know.

  3. Oh my god. The "Obama doesn't care about black on white crime" thing is so annoying. They keep talking about cases in which the perpetrators are serving MAXIMUM PRISON SENTENCES. Why should we be outraged about that??