Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Freepers hate judges.

A Federal judge says there's a financial crisis in the Federal Judiciary. Freepers, who simultaneously

love to sue and hate all judges, approve.

x1stcav hates how judges are all up on his business:
Good. Maybe they’ll quit meddling in everyone’s lives.
Buckeye McFrog thinks judges are going to vote themselves more pay, Constitution bedamned!
sounds like they are getting ready to scrap the “Congress has power of the purse” clause and issue an order to the Executive Branch to pay their bills.
JudgemAll wants old judges to commit suicide, because judges love Euthanasia?
If they are so much for Euthanasia and taxing the old or inheritors, they can start with their own.
Da Coyote knows liberal judges never think.
No problem in liberal states.

Just take the liberal position and render judgement.

A third grader can do it. No intelligence needed.

There, look how much we’ve saved...and we still get the same inane, stupid, and completely leading to CW-II judgements.
Conservatives, though, are totally thinkers.

YHAOS has decided Federal judges re super lazy:
Suck it up Cupcake, and double your workday to six hours.
dagogo redux thinks judges are basically all evil things.
They strike me as a cross between corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt LEOs, and lazy, entitled welfare recipients.
Real Cynic No More somehow fits this into his martial law fantasy:
I have a different read on what most of the commenters do in this post. I’m thinking this is but one step in OBAMA!!’s master plan to implement martial law.

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