Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart dies.

Freepers live in an action movie of the mind. Anyone going sufficiently batshit against Obama is in mortal danger. Jim Robinson, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Newt Gingritch, Rupert Murdoch, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Orly Taitz, That dude what says Obama is gay, Freepers are sure they are all in constant danger of being killed.

So when right-wing Internet rabble-rouser Andrew Breitbart is found dead of an unexpected heart attack, Freepers jump on the confirmation bias train to paranoiaville:

esquirette wants facts!
He crowed at CPAC about his poop on the Great One. We want to know if his house was searched.
well, why not just assume?

cuban leaf is getting pretty wound up about terminology:
Natural causes? Nobody has died in the US from “natural causes” since the 1950’s, when that was no longer accepted on death certificates. I’m curious as to “what” natural cause was the cause of his death.

I always wonder why at least ONE of the barbara boxers or barney franks of the world don’t just die early, like happens occasionally to normal people.
You mean like Paul Wellstone?

Wright Wing expects assassinations from Obama
If he is dead this is horribly suspicious and not unexpected from O. Especially after him claiming to have tapes of O.
Red Badger is one of the few to go with "Chicago Way." I was expecting many more.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama minions offed him somehow, the Chicago way and all........That was the first thing that came to my mind, they killed him as retribution for the ACORN videos...........
PSYCHO-FREEP is pissed that the partisan left isn't being gracious:
Daily Kos, already in full celebration mode right now. You should read the vile, venomous filth coming from their collective stream of evil! This is what the American Left has become. Their evil surpasses the level of Sodom and Gomorrah.
erm, do you read Free Republic AT ALL?

napscoordinator demands the left take the high-road:
Daily KOS says to keep it respectful, but the collective are not. They say that the conservatives including Breitbart didn’t give any respect to Ted Kennedy when he died. I don’t know about that but really what does it matter. They should take the high road and be respectful. I guess that is too difficult for them.
I agree, some courtesy would be nice. But note that when people ask the GOP to do that, Freepers call it 'unilateral disarmament."

napscoordinator follows up by shitting all over Ted Kennedy's grave:
Breitbart never murdered any young women.

And millions of babies through his support of “kill baby” abortion. That is true.
HollyB bootstraps this right into more paranoia:
God protect Sheriff Joe today.


  1. Not to mention other comments such as "Arkancide" (they just can't stop thinking about Vince Foster) and "Obamacide".

  2. "I wonder how thick cloth has to be to repel those darts. Anybody know? Seems like somebody would have to know where you were at, maybe follow you with a cooler to keep the poison frozen until you were outside and in range. I wonder what the range is.

    I wonder if the cancer-causing stuff has to be frozen, and if one injection does the job. I also wonder if there’s a particular form of cancer that they favor. Probably something that is typically fast-acting and has no obvious presenting symptoms that would clue the person in to get tested and treated. Something like ovarian cancer, for women. What’s similar for men?

    Also makes me wonder if the same technology could be used to get a manufactured bio-warfare germ into the public - make it look like it came from a mosquito maybe...

    624 posted on Thu Mar 01 2012 11:15:20 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time) by butterdezillion"

  3. I tried to wait a bit to let the thread ferment, but clearly I didn't wait long enough.

    I'm going to have to add that as an update.

  4. Here's one I'm sure you'll want to feature:

    It's a truly classic gem from what has to be one of many sexually frustrated Freepers. It was in response to the article "Rush Limbaugh" calls college student a 'slut'

    Love your blog.

    To: tobyhill
    Don’t the Dems and Libs know what kind of dangerous political game they are waging? They are wanting taxpayers to subsidize the expenses of those people who are getting lots and lots of sex. Won’t this alienate the much much larger demographic of those of us who don’t get enough sex? Or at least are beyond the age of being able to conceive?

    One of those superpacs need to come up with an add about how 0bama wants all those people who don’t get any sex to pay for those who get lots and lots of sex. There is a huge group of voters this will get angry.

    75 posted on Thursday, March 01, 2012 1:07:04 PM by Truth is a Weapon (Truth, it hurts so good.)
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