Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama's secret martial law

There's some kind of buzz in the right-wing blogosphere that Obama has made an executive order that allows him to take over everything.

It's nothing of the sort, of course. Indeed, it's an update of an order every President since Eisenhower has made

But Freepers will not be fooled by facts:

Graewoulf has a new nickname he'd like to try out:

The drumbeat of Bolshevik Dictator Baby-Doc Barak continues to grow louder - - - .

CaptSkip knows this is just a prelude for more obvious evil:
A few months later in 1994, Clinton followed up his EO with his Assault Weapons Ban.

Wonder what 0zero has waiting in the wings...
backwoods-engineer isn't sure how, but this helps Obama's evil plans. Also the Holocaust fits in there some how as well.
"Nothing to see here! Move along, citizens! Those rooms up ahead are showers!"

Yeah, right.

Obama the radical WILL take advantage of whatever power he has. Updating this EO gives him some advantage. Count on it.
bobby.223 knows when Obama does stuff other Presidents have done, it's suddenly evil:

What hasn’t been going on for decades tho is now we have a president who is a marxist muslim anti American who is trying, and succeeding, to destroy our great Nation. HE will use EO’s like this in peace time, Reagan would not have.

soycd guesses:

My guess is a nuke or three may be touched off soon. The Iran thing could disrupt our energy supply and
the clown in the white house is preparing. Ammo check.

lentulusgracchus also knows Obama is evil enough that everything he does is evil, even if it's something loads of people have done.

The huge difference is, Dwight Eisenhower, Dick Nixon, and Jimmy Carter were not power-mad Mau-Mau's planning a bloodsoaked Red revolution.

These extraordinary "standby powers", granted under the shadow of a giant mushroom cloud, were badly conceived and unwisely granted, with insufficient opportunities for Congress to "clog" (Madison's word), delay, impede, or restrict use of them by the Executive Branch. These laws were not written with the People's liberty interest at the fore, and it shows. That's why these passages read like Nazi decrees, or like rescripts from the court of the Emperor Majorian.


  1. Malia Obama is on vacation in Mexico with her classmates and 25 Secret Service members. Apparently this story is DISAPPEARING OFF THE INTERNET! GONE, VANISHED! Apparently this story was removed from FR because they are attacking the kids too much, but this one lasts. So we have a shadow group eliminating news stories (since if something is removed from FR it's automatically gone from the internet), FR admins hiding something, Obamas on a vacation, and Mexico. Freepers play Let's Pick an Outrage: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2861195/posts

    "Isn’t she a little young to be spending Spring Break in a foreign country? Is she chaperoned? (other than the SS)"

    Other than the 25 highly trained professional chaperones, of course.

    "Will THIS Free Republic post be removed? It’s not “the kids” that we’re “targeting;” it’s this insane, hypocritical, communist regime."

    Then there's this exchange:
    Working off a false premise 1) "I don’t have a problem with the story being scrubbed. It detailed which hotel she is staying at, how many friends were with her, etc. Mexico is overrun with violence and there is no need to advertise information about Malia that might endanger her life."

    Replying to that premise 2) "Sorry, the Secret Service could have moved her. Whitewashing the press is simply a violation of the Constitution and the Freedom of the Press. Dictatorship is here."

    Irony is my favorite part of FR:

    "HAHAHA!!! Yeah, right. America has been infiltrated and overrun with communist, bastard operatives in the highest positions of power, and WE'RE the nut-jobs. Yeah. "

    Also, this response holds so much fucked upedness in its brevity:

    "Casus Belli?"

  2. I found a different thread. Same ideas, though, right down to the random Civil War 2 business.

    1. Yeah, they kept removing and migrating around thread to thread so it was hard to pick one. If only their site wasn't made on expages in 1998. I'd love to design a new website for them just to make this easier. It's like owning an ant farm.

    2. While we're on that topic, can someone explain to me what the whole "Ping" thing is on FR? I mean, I understand the concept of what a ping is, but I've never seen it on a message board, and I don't understand they're whole "Ping List" and "Freeper Ping" stuff that they do, as if it's some communal effort to keep the site going, without which the whole forum would collapse.