Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Pix

Obama - silly AND evil!

I like this editorial cartoon because it's not addressing any current issue, it's just "Democrats suck."

Napoloean was emperor, not king. And I'll bet after recent French history, he was a bit careful about decapitation orders.

Yes, Freepers, this time you totally found the issue that will be Obama's kryptonite!

Seeing more and more Romney-McCain comparisons.

Damn, this evil black guy sure means business! I mean, he's straight up looking you in the eye while holding a burning parchment, and pointing at it too, in case you didn't get the message.

Ah, but they're at least using their left hands this time!



  1. "Riot now"?

    There is something very strange going on at Free Republic.

  2. Why the hell are the Freepers still hung up with Pelosi? She's not the Speaker anymore, even if the GOP is working as hard as they can to lose their House Majority status.