Friday, March 2, 2012

Rush Limbaugh bomb threat?!

So Rush scans all the packages that come into his house, apparently. Fine, he's a polarizing celebrity.

Anyhow, his scanner saw wires, and he called the bomb squad. Right after the Brietbart death.

Turned out to be nothing, but Freepers paranoia was already ballistic:

Retired Greyhound isn't sure who to blame, but knows they're anonymous?
I suspect some well-funded lefty group like Anonymous is behind Breitbart and this.
Anonymous is liberal?

Rush's little false alarm is all the evidence The Wizard needs!
Andrew was killed.......I hope someone has those videos of the liar in cheif
reasonisfaith is totally a Sith:
The most effective weapon against fear is anger. Remember this.
Duse, everyone knows fear LEADS to anger.

jennings2004 loves the oldies:
Way too many Freepers are conspiratorially-minded. Men who have defective hearts have heart attacks in their 40s which are often fatal.
Yeah, Vince Foster would probably agree......
redgolum is sure making Rush call the bomb squad for nothing is part of Obama's plan:
Going to be a long summer.

Looks like the next phase is starting. Expect the next move against church leadership. Active move against them.
SoFloFreeper rages at the media coverup of Rush's antics:
Let’s see if the Obama suckups in the Palm Beach and Miami media will cover this.

They were all excited when some jerk put threats about Obama on a facebook page.
unixfox really wants to kill some liberals:
They really want to shut us up, but if it’s war they want, it’s was they will get!!!!
Yep, they are just BEGGING for it. And they shall recieve.
George Varnum senses Mossad, and action movie tropes.
Rush calls his head of Security “Stalin”, and although I have no way of knowing I have an intuitive sense that at least some of his security staff may be former (if not active detached) Mossad. Wouldn’t surprise me any if a couple of them are Spetznaz Veterans as well.

There may have been a time when the CIA could go toe to toe with Mossad, but I sense that those days are long past. Now they know better than to even try.

You just don’t mess with Mossad.

That’s probably why not many people mess with Rush.
Even if they get lucky and get to him, they will be dealt with... eventually... inevitably... and harshly.
No matter who or what they are.


  1. And it just goes completely over their heads that THERE WAS NO BOMB? Nobody was trying to kill Rusty, but that doesn't fit with their persecuted victim status so they ignore it. Fweepers is da cwaziest peeples!

  2. Holy shit, the thread about the valedictorian in Florida getting deported is gold:

    They are stuck in a terrible bind between supporting the deportation because she's "an illegal sucking off the tax payers' teat" and letting her stay because it was 0bong0 that deported her (they think she was targeted for being a successful person and automatically Republican). The infighting is glorious. Freepers supporting her staying because she's successful... so successful immigrants are OK! And by successful I mean Republican, of course.

  3. One more, this time an article that COMPLETELY missed the facts of the case with the headline "US Judge rules Muslims have a right to assault people who offend them":

    In actuality, the case was a harassment charge lobbied by the Atheiest against the Muslim guy. The case was thrown out because of a lack of evidence and that there was testimony that there was no physical assault. The FReepers twisted this around to say that the judge was Muslim (spoiler: he isn't, he's a Lutheran) and that he called the Atheist a doofus for this, but he called him that because the guy "misrepresented the tenets of Islam, which made him look like a doofus." The whole story is here (FoxNews warning):

    Now go watch these assholes go insane with rage. Especially because, as FReeper Steamburg says:

    "Mega unintended consequences can be expected soon."