Monday, March 12, 2012

The Shaggy defense in Afghanistan

When it comes to military stuff, Freepers' hero worship of the troops and Bush's foreign policy, combined with their determined opposition to all Obama does leaves Freepers without much room to maneuver.
So they really have not much they can say about the soldier who went and executed a bunch of Afghan civilians over the weekend.

So they completely deny it happened. Or at least that it was us.

Explorer89 has questions!
Why are the details so sketchy? How long was this guy gone from the base? How did some of the bodies get charred? What was the perpetrator’s name? This story feels very odd to me.
Happy Rain begins to suspect the shooter was a secret Muslim.
I'm beginning to think the soldier is a radicalized American Shia Muslim who wanted to take out some Afghan Sunnis for the 72 amateur hos.
In which case the truth will NEVER come out—not as long as the Islamophile is president.
I like the "but we'll never know what I suspect because Obama" argument.

UPDATE: Somehow I missed equating "72 virgins" with "72 amateur hos." Because on Free Republic, Muslim virgins are just hos without the experience!

Paladin2 actually likes massacres of Muslims:
With Islam, there are no “civilians”.
AmericanInTokyo doesn't like war now that Democrats are in charge.
Time to bug out and cut the losses. It has become to much of a burden, this ‘Nation Building’ is just not worth it to die young for President Obama and Secretaries Clinton and Panetta in a foreign, ungrateful hellhole.
RichyTea takes this soldiers' side because of a different soldier who shot up Fort Hood some years ago.
What was all the BS excuses the White House made for the muslim officer who shot, killed and wounded US soldiers and CIVILIANS at Fort Hood?
Maybe the same people who made excuses for that POS can be asked for their opinion on this situation.

One wonders who is and who isn't pro or anti-American.

I pray for this sgt, his fellow troops, and family.
greatvikingone is an advocate for revenge killing:
I guess that's how many people died in 9-11?

hal ogen knows you can't trust anything ever, cause Muslims lie:
moozlums lie all the time to advance to advance their situation. the bodies (if they exist) have been removed. witnesses are lieing moozlums. the “crime” scene has been disturbed. kaerzi has assumed guilt. our great leader, nobama, has assumed guilt and already apologized.
SMARTY has decided Muslims don't count as human:
If you wanted to describe a country by what the people DO most consistently, and nearly to the complete exclusion of all/any other activities, for these guys it would be:
1. Murder one another
2. Grow Opium
3. Bear children
StonyBurk has a plan - Martyr everyone!
It was a mistake for us to attempt to help the House of Islam. We were wrong to go there-and are leaving.
We will NOT leave behind any working/useful— weapons, Material, or housing. We are leaving YOU to clean up your own bloody freaking house. Slay each other to your bloody Moon gods satiation. We do not care.
But if even one more American dies we will use whatever Weapons of Mass destruction dropped from the sky or added to the water. To make certain any Muslim left alive will know that the sword of Allah is Never to be forged again.
and they will Know their is a bloody freaking LIE that the end of Islam is and has always been DEATH. And Destruction- and PAIN— and Sorrow—and NOTHING GOOD AT ALL COMES FROM BEING A SLAVE TO ALLAH. And when the last American is away from Afghani soil.
One minute after we should signal the USAF And have the sky filled with
Bombers to carpet bomb that bloody sandbox back to AD600. Not one person, donkey,camel,or any living thing left standing.

Trying to stamp out a religion is always a good plan. It worked great for the Romans when they used it on Christians!


  1. Islam-hating isn't all that shocking anymore from Freepers. What caught my eye was this:

    "I'm beginning to think the soldier is a radicalized American Shia Muslim who wanted to take out some Afghan Sunnis for the 72 amateur hos."

    Only on FreeRepublic can "72 virgins" be translated to "72 amateur hos"

  2. You think this was bad, you should see what the commenters on were saying. Racist and bloodthirsty to the extreme. They made Free Republic sound downright reasonable.

  3. Damn, Anon, that slipped by me.

    Virgins as amateur ho's is amazing!

    I'll have to add something about that to the main post!

  4. Not only stamp out a religion but calling for the genocide of an entire region