Friday, March 9, 2012

Why People Faint At Obama Events

A Freeper joke thread goes straight to "But seriously, Obama's Hitler."

WKUHilltopper figures it's all fake, cause you know who else had people pretending to faint at his speeches?
Hitler used to have people fake faint all the time at his shindigs...suppose to build the “messiah” and hype “collective excitement”. Nothing new here—an old fascist trick.
KittenClaws has a different villain this is like:
I thought of the Roman Emperor Nero when I read the title:
Worse still, Nero being the emperor, no one was allowed to leave the auditorium while he was performing, for whatever reason. The historian Suetonius writes of women giving birth during a Nero recital, and of men who pretended to die and were carried out.
dfwgator has yet a third analogous evil man:
Why People Cry at North Korean Funerals?
I'd like to think FrankR is joking, but it doesn't look like it:
Most of his fans are probably on crack when they show up for the event. His audiences are carefully picked, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to speak because of the outrage.
andyk is almost certainly trying for a joke, which is what makes his comment the saddest of all:
I assume people faint in his presence because it smells like a giant ass fest.


  1. Far right-wing "humor" usually comes across as angry and bitter which is why it's never funny. Also, in order to mock something, there must be a grain of truth to the mocking, something RWNJs are completely bereft of.

  2. People faint at Obama events?