Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where are the OTHER Breitbart Videos?

Even as Freepers try to get a good head of hate-steam against some random, if impressive black professor, they know this ain't nothing and yearn for Breitbart's Real Tape:

King Hawk knows they are just setting up the trap!
My guess is more are forthcoming! They’re setting a trap!
Jonty30 agrees - Breitbart is nothing if not discrete:
Breitbart was not known for oversell. I’d rather have a slow release that leads to buildup, than the most damning videos being released at once and having the firestorm be over before the next election.

As long as there is something damning in the end, I’m fine with slow starts.
null and void laments well never see:
It's definitely not THE video he promised.
I suspect we will never see the videos he wanted us to.
GrandJediMasterYoda blames Obama's ninjas for the lameness:
I don't believe we will be seeing those other videos. Somebody has already taken care of them.
cripplecreek realizes you need to peel back the tape's layers, man!
The real issue with yesterday’s tape was the complete and utter failure of the media to vet Obama. While it didn’t seem like much to us, it did apparently rattle the media because they scrambled to cover their butts.

I do think much more damaging things are coming and the media knows it but doesn’t know what.
Never on my watch has lost patience.
Your freedom is at stake, and you accept that Hannity knows best for you. There are too many tombstones in our national cemeteries to let the Left throw it all away.

I have lost patience with this. There is an army of people out here who are thirsting, and searching for information to help defeat the bastard in the Oval Office.

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