Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obama's apocalyptic second term

After the horror of the last thread, Dr. Teeth once again provides something in a more jocular vein - a little thread of Freepers getting all fire and brimstone about what Obama's reelection could mean:

IbJensen has predictions: Mostly it's illegal immigrants and Obama not stepping down.
I believe 2012 may be our last true election for quite some time. At least until after the next Civil War.
If Obama is reelected, he will legalize the 30MM illegals already here. This will be done by fiat. The Republicans in Congress will contine to do nothing. Chain migration will bring in another 30-50MM within five years, basically Open Borders will become a reality. Most of the new arrivals will pay no income tax and will swear Obeisance to Obama. The tipping point will be reached.

Next up in the cross hairs will be the two term limitation. Might take a few years but you can count on the new arrivals to scream for "Four More Years" and pious, disingenuous calls from the Left to "Let the People Decide." Once that little detail is dispensed with you will have a President for Life. I might add we are but one vote away from a 5-4 Leftist Majority in the Supreme Court. Once that is accomplished, a little "Court Packing" will ensure a Progressive Slant for all time. You think the Republican will object? I think not. I believe they are rapidly becoming irrelevant if not extinct. The military will will continue to be systematically castrated. The emphasis for promotion will be Fealty to Diverstiy.

What you will then have is a de facto Coup D'Etat. No need for a messy revolution in the streets. The revolution and takeover will have been accomplished neatly and legally. You can count on the New Supremes to back it up every step of the way!

I sense a weariness on the part of the Electorate and the Ruling Elites regarding Democracy. Tom Frieden openly admires the Chinese Politboro for its ability to just "get things done". No messy elections to deal with. No need for persuasion. Just do it! Opposition can be .... dealt with.

In the most consequential election of our lifetime, an election where EVERYTHING is on the line, the issue du jour is...contraception? You must be joking. (Sorry, Dear. Pay for your own birth control!)
I like the ending "There are things more important than birth control. Also, here is what I think about birth control."

tet68 has an interesting analogy to show why diversity is bad:
Whites, Asians, Hispanics, males, females, blacks, gays, straights and bisexuals are to be represented on the bench in the proportion that they are found in the population.

So if dogs make 26 percent of the US population does that mean there should be dogs on the bench?

What happened to merit?
Hmmm, how is an Asian different from a dog?

redpoll prays for mass deaths to save us from liberals:
Sadly, I can only see one way out of the current madness, assuming that Obama retains power, and that is destruction from an outside force. It makes me wince even to think about it. An EMP attack, outright warfare from Islam, a severe solar flare... any of those might just be enough to wreck the central government sufficient enough for the people to reform themselves locally and reconstruct the institutions that protect liberty.
Of course, this would be horrible beyond words, just as the full realization of the left to take over the United States would be horrible beyond words - probably far worse than the 25 million deaths gleefully predicted by Bill Ayers that would be needed for his ilk to take over.


  1. lol @ redpoll.

    How freeperish to totally hope that some horrible apocalyptic scenario that will conveniently affect liberals disproportionately won't happen. They've been really on fire these past few weeks.

  2. Liberals weren't even this crazy during the 2004 election. Freepers have snapped.

  3. These last 15 days, I tell ya...

    Before that, things were sadly quiet, as they were all sullen about the primaries. But I guess it was the calm before the crazy storm.