Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The State of the Freeper Primary.

Santorum's wins in the south yesterday have swayed most Freepers over to Santorum, though it's also served to make the die-hard Newt fans dig in and marshal all the crazy they can:

RightLady is not a Newt fan:
Newt looks like an dolt standing next to his wife while she talks. No WAY can he win no matter what! He should endorse Santorum.
skeeter has decided criticizing Santorum is now Freeper Treason:
I think it can now be said that Santorum's more vocal critics on this board, some of whom have allowed their festering dislike for the man to warp their sense of reality, will be providing aid and comfort to the other side if they continue with their ridiculous vendetta.
ElPatriota basically says SUCK IT HATERS, only with more random ellipses...
... How sweet it is. Santorum, the "conviction politician" has done it again... I am betting on Newt and on Little Ricky as well... and I WON!... Enjoying it tremendously... just thinking how disgusted his HATERS must be... Many out there with very little grace nor manners... and we suppose to be in the same team?...huh?...
Mountain Mary agrees, and adds a rather unfortunate image:
Victory is sweet and the Santorum haters have no option other than to do a huge face plant tonight..right into an Ann Coulter pie.
Catholickerry thinks the country is made up only of southern Republican primary voters:
Mr. President...the country is trying to tell you something.

Congratulations Rick Santorum!!!
Bizhvywt sees Santorum's success as all due to Obama's manipulations:
The timeline of Santorum’s surge is as follows (as I see it):
Newt is leading in Iowa.
  • Romney buries Newt in negative ads. As a result, Santorum wins in Iowa.
  • Newt comes back and wins S Carolina,
  • Romney buries Newt in negative ads is Florida.
  • Obama manufactures the contraceptive issue which helps Santorum with evangelicals and Santorum fills in the anti-Romney void created by Newt losing Florida.
  • Santorum gets momentum by winning some caucus states.
And here we are.
I just don’t like being manipulated. Manipulated by establishment Republicans, maniplulated by the Romney sleaze machine, manipulated by Obama’s fake contraception issue, which helped Santorum. I guess I’m a bitter clinger. Go Newt!
Norseman turns up the hero-worship, as he has done at least four times this past year:
Someday, a movie will be made about the guy who started from scratch, following a horrible defeat in his home state after he stood his ground with Bush on Iraq, then won Iowa by visiting every county, took the South against all odds, overtook Romney on the way to the convention, and won the general election in a landslide against the least popular sitting President since Jimmy Carter. What Rick Santorum has accomplished so far is stunning, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t continue.

And I write this as a former Palin, then Perry, then Cain, then Gingrich, then finally, Santorum supporter. What he’s accomplished is impressive.
dfwgator has decided Romney can't win the south in the General:
Certainly now Romney knows how repulsive he is to Conservatives, and that he has no shot in the General, because Conservatives will not vote for him, even if he is the nominee.
Berlin_Freeper blames America for not supporting Newt:
America has become too stupid for Gingrich. It will take ten generations just to climb back to the level it once was before the democrat education system ruined the country.
caww attempts to make a martyr out of Newt
..the machine to take Newt out, from all directions, has been relentless....for that Santorum has had a free ride....Oh how I hate Romney and the elites! Not to mention the media’s quest to throw this race to Santorum ..since Romney’s failed so to clinch it the establishment moved on to Rick..and you can bet Obama loves it.
Say what you will about Palin, she wears the persecuted mantle a lot better than Newt.

cripplecreek has a solution:
Good-cop bad-cop strategies can work and may play to the strengths of both Gingrich and Santorum.

That's exactly why I like the idea of Gingrich as VP despite not personally liking him much.


  1. Random ellipses are always a signature of grade AAA derp.

  2. "And I write this as a former Palin, then Perry, then Cain, then Gingrich, then finally, Santorum supporter. What he’s accomplished is impressive."

    I love that. He doesn't see a pattern emerging there? Santorum is going to fade away just like his half dozen other "heroes" did.