Monday, March 19, 2012

Selective sympathy

Freepers are all very sympathetic to the soldier who massacred 16 Afghani civilians. Sympathetic to the point of excusing his conduct. And not giving one mention of the 16 lives he cut short.

katiedidit1 is really emotional about the tragedy of the murderer.

Oh my God...tears are just streaming down my face for this soldier. I am mortified

katiedidit1 chooses not to believe anything bad about the soldier.
Be a cold day in hell before I believe any slams against this man...he wasn’t highly decorated for nothing. It shows that he was no slouch to have been promoted that fast but later he was court martialed..wonder why?
It infuriates me when people label him before the truth is all out...please dont let them execute him.
DustyMoment thinks you can never judge a solider for anything unless you've been a soldier.
Anyone who wants to criticize Ssgt. Bales needs to walk a few miles in his boots and see what happens in a war. I apologize in advance to him and his family for the crucification he and they are about to endure from the left. I would hope that if there is a little bit of patriotism left in any of us that we would want to gather outside Ft. Leavenworth and wherever his court martial will be held just to let him know that he is NOT a forgotten hero who will be fed to the wolves for reaching his breaking point. No one who hasn't been there can EVER understand what he has endured.
E. Pluribus Unum blames Obama's evil for this guy's rampage:

When you have an illegitimate Commander-in-Chief who is most certainly a Moslem who single-handedly destabilized Libya and established the Moslem Brotherhood as the de facto government, and is in the process of doing the same thing in Syria, you can pretty much expect stuff like this.

Randy Larsen doesn't care about facts!

I don’t give a whip what caused him to do what he is accused of, he is one of ours, and will need our support!

Unless they're gay, or liberal I guess.

hoagy62 worries about this guy's family:
Now that his name has been revealed, some jihad-minded muzzies, demanding revenge for their dead, are now going to go after his family.

I hope to God that they are under strict protection.

I dare say...if anything should happen to them...

El Gato kinda wants revenge, albeit on a different soldier.

Major Nidal Hassan is in the hospital section of the Bell County jail awaiting his court martial. He should have had it already and be pushing up daisies, or weeds.

Wouldn't suprise me a bit if the Sargent makes it to his Court Martial before the Mussleman Major.

Hassan killed 14, I count the baby. The mother's last words were "My Baby, My Baby", not "My tissue mass".

I'd shoot the bastid myself, with my own pistol. Rifle would be too good for him, but I suspect I'd have to stand in line for the privilege, if we were not too "sensitive" for that sort of thing. I'd even settle for a hanging. The last manual for that makes interesting reading. :)
Dengar01 thinks Obama is a traitor cause this guy's name has been released:
Whoever released this man's name is a traitor to the United States of America.

We are fighting thugs who don't abide by the Geneva Convention. This man's family, friends, neighbors, ect... will now become targets for sleepers.

Yeah, he may be safe in Leavenworth but I guarantee his family, friends, and co-workers aren't given the same protection.

In my opinion, this is an impeachable offense. Eric Holder, Leon Panneta and Barack Obama should all be charged for treason! This isn't a BJ in the Oval Office, this is putting American citizens on a hit list.

butterdezillion knows the truth is out there:

The discrepancies in the timeline for that night, the apparent disinformation from the US military, a massacre carefully planned to include only houses in 2 different villages where the man was not home and that ended with Bales going back to base, turning himself in, and asking for a lawyer... this whole story has the telltale signs of something being not right.

Reminds me a lot of 2 other assassinations: Bin Laden and Judge John Roll (in the Giffords shooting).

We’ll probably never know what really happened - especially after the Haditha mess showed us that we can’t trust the NCIS or military leadership to tell the truth.

smoothsailing also prefers crazy conspiracies to the truth:

It’s one soldier, it’s several soldiers, a helicopter was involved, shooting victims were burned after they were shot, it was drunk soldiers laughing as they were shooting. None of it makes any sense. Something stinks about this.

I’m reserving judgement just like we should with all such incidents until more factual information and hard evidence is known.

If it can be proven that the shooter acted alone without orders and not in selfdefense, then all bets are off. In the meantime, I’ll pray for the Sgt. and his family.


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  2. "When you have an illegitimate Commander-in-Chief who is most certainly a Moslem who single-handedly destabilized Libya and established the Moslem Brotherhood as the de facto government, and is in the process of doing the same thing in Syria..."

    Just don't know where to start with this...