Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And now this word from outer space

What's at stake edition:
If he steals another election, we're ALL gonna die.
Drama provided by crosshairs


  1. There are a couple of posts on Free Republic today concerning the idea of Santorum running as Romney's VP.

    Freepers, I have tons of money and I will take all your bets. Romney will not select Santorum. Are you crazy?

  2. So...if Obama loses in November we'll all be immortal?

  3. Nothing like some good ol' fashioned "We're all gonna DIIIIIIEEEEEEE!" herpaderp to get the voters motivated.

  4. Notice the assumption that he ( I assume that's Obama) stole the first election, yet the absence of any proof of this supposition. This is freeper thinking in its purest form.

  5. Ho-ly-shit. I knew the news piece about the 8 year olds having oral sex and their teacher getting fired for not noticing would cause a great thread, but this is awesome:

    So much win in there it hurts. My favorite so far:
    "Hopefully the school provides free birth control or this could be a much bigger problem."

    [thatsnothoworalsexworks.jpg] Anyways... 8 year olds, Dude.