Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A woman who was injured by teenagers who pushed a shopping cart off a roof has forgiven them. “I haven’t heard from them, but I wish them well,” she says. “I do, because I feel very sorry for them.”

Some Freepers agree this is healthy, others though...

ZULU doesn't believe in genuine forgiveness:

Stockholm Syndrome.

GeronL knows what these kids are thinking:

Of course you haven’t heard from them. They do NOT care about you at all. You are NOTHING to them.

ladyjane has a friend she thinks should never forgive:

I have a friend who was knocked over in an airport staircase by some idiots who loaded a cart up with luggage and tried to take in down a stairway. She was hit by the suitcases as they fell out of the cart. The idiots never even stopped to check if she was okay. I’ll have to ask her if she is ready to forgive them - after multiple surgeries.

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper thinks holding onto a bit of anger is healthy:

Some anger keeps you sharp and ready for any trouble that comes your way. WHile the victim couldn’t have anticipated the assault from above, a little paranoia and anger can save your life because it makes you aware of your environment.

That's an arguable point, but then he follows up:

I’m angry that we have allowed punks and gangs to wander at will for so long. Liberals made all kinds of excuses for their existence and behavior, but none of them suffered at their hands because they lived in fancy neighborhoods and never walked anywhere.

I can’t reserve my anger just for my family and friends. A stranger deserves the right to life just as much as anyone else.
A bit of constant bitterness against liberals keeps you vigilant!

Uncle Lonny has decided that this forgiveness is reverse racism:

This guilt tripping white woman is a “liberal” Eloi. They are everywhere.


I bet this woman in NY would not be so forgiving if the thugs that gravely injured her were white racist instead of black racists.

“Liberalism” is a mental disease.


  1. Here's some more of that awesome racism you love: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2861349/posts

    The post is titled "Is black support of Obama based only on race?"

    I'm not even going to pick out ones, the whole fucking thing is a treasure trove.

  2. For a bunch of raving Christian fundies, the freepers sure don't seem to follow any of the basic tenants of the religion. I mean, sure they're dumb as hell, but the whole "forgiveness" theme is pretty blatant throughout the whole bible, it's pretty hard to miss.

  3. Man even the comments on that NY Post article are Freeperish and say most of the same stuff...

    But... where the hell do they get the idea that this woman is graciously forgiving these boys and accepting them with an open heart? It sounds more like a patronizing, "I'm better than they are so I won't worry about it" dismissal. She says she "feels sorry for them" for being pathetic and lost enough to do something like that. That's essentially what I got from it. She's being the "bigger man" (or woman if you like of course).

    Also, I wish more would be made about that boy Achilles who tried so hard to stop them. He has an awesome name too.

    1. Sounds like Achilles...was no heel. *rimshot*