Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beyond Thunderdome

From the previous thread on Obama's super-gay Muslim childhood, Freeper Norm Lenhart contemplates how Freepers will run Bartertown after the Obama apocalypse:

The coming Road Warrior scenario:
I’ve said many times in different threads we are headed for a real life Road Warrior scenario and I believe it with every fiber of my being. I want to hope that Newt or Palin or Santorum could ‘begin’ sorting it out, but when I ‘do the math’ on everything I see around me, there really is no fixing it. It’s not broken, it’s nuked to the atomic level.

On watching as liberals die post-apocalypse:
As I said in the past, our team is far better equipped, both mentally and philosophically (to say nothing of the record gun sales that the Dems created) to deal with surviving a collapse. If indeed it comes to that, then maybe we could rebuild America the way the founders intended.

The libs would either starve or kill each other like a pack of rabid dogs. Probably both. Don’t care really. The less of them, the better for everyone. And we don’t have to do anything but stand back and watch their vaunted Darwinism do them in.


He's totally serious, but so many think he's joking:
I live on the Colorado River. It’s a running joke here that about when the SHTF. Someone (usually someone visiting from back east) always says something like “You’ll be overrun by people escaping from LA.”

We just laugh and tell them that A: if the desert between Barstow and the river doesn’t kill them with 135 deg. heat, rattlers, Tarantulas and Scorpions, we will then B: blow the bridges and make them tread 32.1 degree water from the bottom of two dams. If they survive that, then C: the heavily armed Zonies unacustomed to California gun laws and the ‘rights’ of the residents of the Peoples Republic will turn the Colorado into a toxic waste dump with a few metric tons of lead contamination and dead bodies.

Some people laugh, others realize we are quite serious.

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