Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich return

Freeper Saint Sarah told FOX she voted for Newt (after snubbing the same question from CNN, natch). Freepers don't talk about Newt these days, but are facing increasing pressure as Santorum flags and the southern states' primaries begin.

Still, they seem oddly careful and unenthusiastic about this Newt-Palin alliance. I couldn't even find much of a thread on Palin's hints she might throw her hat in the ring in a brokered convention.

Cricket24 is Newt of Bust!
I am also going to vote for Newt even if I have to write it in in the fall. He’s the only one who can take on the media. Just watch Romney or Santorum. They both look weak. After listening to Romney’s speech last night, I came away with the same thought...he looked very tired and it just came across as FAKE! The press picks who runs and the Est Repubs go along with it because they are AFRAID of the press. NEWT is NOT AFRAID of the press! Unfortunately, the press purposely ignores him because they also know they can’t run over him!
manc knows Newt is the victim in this race, which makes him awesome:
FOX and the establishment went all out to destroy [Newt], even now FOX is not putting his win on their banner at the bottom of their page.

The establishment are petrified of him, the left came out to destroy him.

Seems everytime when one is not with the establishment they seem to be attacked.
dforest thinks endorsements are tricky these days:
There is a big difference between a formal endorsement and saying you voted for someone.

One won’t be held against you later, the other could be dragged out and held against you.

Many people this time are shying away from endorsements for good reason.

marstegreg weakly tries for the "Palin masterstroke" spin.
She is very cunning. I expect that she waited until super tuesday was a done deal (voting) so Rick Santorum could shave as many votes as possible for Romney. It is either to keep Newt in ( he will do well in the south) or maybe to have a brokered convention. She seems to like the idea of a brokered convention.

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