Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fragging Panetta

Secretary of Defense Panetta met with soldiers in Afghanistan. He also met with Afgani soldiers at the same time, so everyone disarmed. Freepers are pretty reflexively crazy about the military, and about guns. So they really go for the gusto:

Reddon hates that Obama sullies the Holy Troops with his Presidency.
Both Obama and Paneta should stay completely away from American troops. They are not fit to be in the presence of our great American soldiers. I would not want my children or grandchildren to enter the military if it meant serving under these men.
Terry Mross knows all sane soldiers would shoot Panetta:
I guess he’s figuring some soldier might NOT lose it and .....
jacknhoo agrees that rational soldiers should target Panetta:
Pannetta is a communist - his fear of attacks on his person are most likely justified and rational...he is actively attempting to undermine American and Israeli interests throughout the world. I see him as being a prime target of freedom loving Americans and Israelis.
crosshairs knows Obama is totally behind this, just to be a dick to the troops:
It’s an underhanded insult to our military. Mr. Middle Finger _resident probably told him to do/say this.
vette6387 knows Panetta would totally shoot all the troops if he could:
Since we got a bunch of Marxists in our government. They know what they would do were the situation reversed. The action speaks volumes about our present government.
Jumper kinda hopes Democratic officials get taken out by the enemy:
The best time in the world to attack a US military installation for any reason is when a Democrat President or members of his administration are at the base.... Republican presidents have never stowed the arms, since they support the troops.
SaraJohnson also wants marines to shoot Panetta for treason:
He’s a treasonous, communist animal who has chosen sides with the enemy. Given that, it would be scarey standing up in from of the United States military. He knows what he is and he’s afraid the marines knowk, too.
Gaffer is excited his martial law fantasy may not come to pass:
This shows you that our leadership does not trust its own military. This shows you that our leadership is afraid of our military. This shows you that our military does not trust our leadership.

This heartens me. It means when push comes to shove and Obama has to impose Martial Law to maintain his despotry, he will have to rely on LEOs from Urban areas, civilian enforcement agencies that have been corrupted from the leadership downwards (DOJ, DHS, AFT, FBI, CIA, etc.).

Frankly, there just aren’t enough of them. If Obama isn’t able to form his “civilian defense force - as well funded as well equipped and as well armed as our military [sound familiar?]” , he can’t enforce his final solution. ANGs, Reserve and active military may begin to obey, but they will stop at some point.
combat_boots gets lyrical:
For those Marines in Afghanistan who might read this, I want you to know something. We are proud of your itchiness. We are proud of you. And more than anything, know that there are those of us here who, like Yamamoto said, “are filled with a terrible resolve.”

You may be 0bama’s hostages to further his agenda. You may be his ploy to demonstrate how warlike he pretends to be here at home. But, for those of you whose eyes sting back tears from sand or humiliation at Panetta and crew’s political ‘correctness,’ know that there will be a price to be paid for every hair on your heads, should something happen to you.


  1. Hey, Ozy, we've got a developing thread on FR where Obama compared Republicans to flat-earthers for their green energy denial. At the second post we already have "'Green energy' is code for 'reparations.'"

  2. Obama's final solution? Really? These people actually believe this don't they? They don't just disagree with Obama's politics, they actually believe he is a secret Muslim hitler who is eventually going to seize control of the US, change all the laws to Sharia, and then start a holocaust style extermination of Americans. They really believe that this is his plan and that it's going to happen.

  3. To be fair, both sides believe any opposition President is going to go tyrant, at least as long as I can remember (Clinton, Bush, Obama).

    The genocide thing is unique to the right though.

  4. I can tell this site is for rightwing nuts. My son who served overseas in Iraq said this war was the biggest waste of men and material than almost anything before. I would love to see all the Republicans deported to some island where they could hate eaxh other.