Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is black support of Obama based only on race?

Dr. Teeth once again uncovers quality. Freepers are offered a chance to reflect on the weird straw-man they use to represent black people. This examination goes about as awesomely as you might expect:

EyeGuy knows what blacks thinks:

Well of course, but it is hatred and envy of whites, more than love of a fellow “black”.

“Gimme some”.

“Its OUR time now”.


turdhopper is pretty sure the color of your skin reflects your economic theory of choice:

its communism too. they loves they free stuff

ProtectOurFreedom goes into the history of the Reconstruction, which proves blacks want to be slaves:
You conveniently overlook the fact the Republican party was formed partially to end slavery, that Republicans fought a war costing us over 600,000 American lives to end slavery, Republicans set up Reconstruction in the South to assure civil rights for blacks post bellum, and Democrats created (or ignored the creation of) terrorist organizations to make life hell for blacks after the army pulled out of southern capitals in the 1870s.

More realistically, it seems most blacks have somehow been unable to move beyond a plantation mentality and still live on the Democrat plantation that “cares” for them cradle to grave.

Overlooking the southern strategy? Convenient.

sasquatch knows who to blame for blacks voting for Obama:

ACORN at work.

I can't tell if he's blaming voter-fraud or some kind of organized racism.

servantboy777 totally met a real black person:
We had a black fella up here at work that came in with an Obama t-shirt before the election that read something like, “Obama’s going to restore habeas corpus to Guantanamo, Obama’s going to....blah blah blah.”

So, I asked him, “ do you support abortion?” he said no.

I then asked, “do you support gun control.” he said no.

I asked, “do you know what habeas corpus is?” he said, well kinda.

I went on for a bit asking questions regarding conservatism. He answered just as a conservative might.

So then, why are you voting for a man who supports gun control, abortion and all the rest?

He looked at me with this deer in the headlights look. He had no clue. Based off his answers to my questions, it certainly wasn't O-bozos stand on the issues.

He verbally danced around and had a difficult time articulating the reason he'd vote for O-bozo. It was because, he was a negro.
OldMissileer points out the sad truth:

After 52 years on this planet I have come to the sad conclusion that blacks are some of the most racist people I have met, and I have had to travel and deal with people around the world.


  1. As long as Republicans continue to compare social welfare programs to slavery, they're going to keep wondering why blacks vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

    1. They also need to stop with the, "B-but we're the party that helped You People after the Civil War! We did all this for you! Why don't you like us?" Because it's the same argument a slave owner would say as he wondered why his "property" would leave him after he gave them food & shelter.