Friday, March 23, 2012

Marine Faces Dismissal For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts

Commenter Dr Teeth found another interesting one. This one was slow to develop, but provides an interesting split in the usually lock-step Freepers.

A bunch of them are ex or current military, and thus understand that a Marine spouting off about Obama's unconstitutional orders doesn't exactly have a right to Freedom of Speech.

This, of course, only makes the knee-jerk Obama haters even more over-the-top.


Semper Fi, sargent!! The Moron in chief should not be trusted. The Marine has BALLS to state what most Americans are thinking!!

Defense Department where is HIS RIGHT to FREE SPEECH????
Mr.Unique rebuts:

Written and spelled like someone who never spent a day in uniform.

JudgemAll cares not for making sense - he just types whatever sounds good in his head-space:

Obama breaks the chain of command all the time. He has broken Congress, the Courts and what not.

matt1 thinks more Marines should buy into conspiracy theories:
i consider this marine brave, courageous and is doing what others in the military should be doing — which is speaking out against the illegal obama. this is EXACTLY what needs to be done. i also think he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. he specifically says that he would not follow orders to disarm american citizens. this speaks directly to obama’s NDAA move the other day.
WayneS blames the Marine...for using Facebook:

As far as I am concerned, Facebook is an ‘electronic concentration camp’.

upchuck's response to WayneS really captures Free Republic's unique rhetorical approach:
An Evil electronic concentration camp.
Double-hyperbole. It's like poetry about internet message boards.

a fool in paradise
would be fine with this if only the military would stop with the due process already:

Meanwhile a f**ot who stole tens of thousands of military documents and sent them to espionage rings still has not been executed for treason. Meanwhile a muslim who gunned down dozens of men, women, and children stateside on a base still has not been executed for treason.

This Commie Commander in Chief is a farce.

Tzimisce loves his hypothetical double-standards:

If this guy was a lib protesting a conservative, it wouldn’t be considered a problem.

Bringbackthedraft knows birtherism is the solution to this conflict:
The key in the oath concerning this Marine is “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States”..................................... So I take it that you have accepted the “proven legitimate” President, so ask no questions, just obey? Maybe this marine has doubts, like many others, as to the legitimacy of this presidency? If in fact the President proves to be illegitimate, what then? Gotta see how this plays out.
LibertyRocks points out this is dumb. Ya gotta stay quiet waiting for Civil War 2!
For the rest of you military folks out there - remember you won’t be able to be there when the time comes to take a stand if you’ve gotten yourself kicked out by the time push comes to shove - just something to think about...

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