Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Self Defense

A Florida shooting that the local police just assumed was self defense, even after incriminating phone calls came out has become something of a liberal cause. Freepers, though, cannot allow any exceptions to their "liberals are wrong" and "All concealed carry is awesome" principles. Thus they decide there is a racial conspiracy at work:

FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs thinks Obama is behind this!

Wouldn’t surprise me if Zimmerman wasn’t the shooter and this was staged, unbeknownst to both parties. I’m sure 0bama just can’t wait to start a little ‘civil unrest’ leading up to the election.
This will fit nicely with the ‘War on Women’ (how thoughtful of Ms. Fluke to just mysteriously show up!), OWS (homegrown phenomena!), evil oil company spills, and gun chaos in Mexico. Did I leave anything out? Like Tucson, Maybe 0bama will show up at the memorial for this kid and turn that into a campaign rally too! Go, DOJ, go!!!

GeronL knows the media never covers the shooting of white people any more.

Remove “black kid” and this doesn’t even make the news.

Maverick68 knows blacks just knee-jerk stand up for blacks. Unlike what happens on Free Republic.

Truthfully, the black kid could have shot and stabbed the white guy and the “black community” would be up in arms if the white guy had killed the kid in self-defense...that’s the problem with crying “wolf” 24-7: people run out of “give a damn”...

GOPJ points out how white people are honest, and how he has questions he refuses to look up.

Have you EVER in your life heard of a white neighborhood up in arms about some white criminal being shot? Either by the police or by someone defending themselves? Never. We don't stand with criminals.

I don't know the facts here - but I know the MSM isn't telling much of the story...and what's being told reeks of bias.

What was the 'teen' doing in that neighborhood? Was he visiting a friend? If he was, that should be in the story.

The police looked into the situation and decided NOT to arrest the man who shot him. Why was that done?

Did the teen have an arrest record? This isn't a court of law - it's the court of public opinion. I'd like to know if he's a criminal...
marktwain has the real story:
This is not the real story. George called 911 to report a suspicious person. As he got off the phone the kid attacked him and started beating the crap out of him and slamming his head against the walkway. All the while saying “you’re gunna die tonight motherfxxxxx”
George was screaming help when someone in a nearby apartment called 911 again. George’s shirt came up while the kid was beating him, revealing the gun that he is licensed to carry. The kid went for the gun and they struggled for it, George ended up shooting the kid and saving his own life.
All these people on yahoo saying that he should be in jail when they don’t even know what happened.
Too bad no one else seems to support that version.

mac_truck has all the proof he needs it was self defense:

Did you also know the ‘kid with the candy’ was 6’3” tall?

Sure you did.

rogue yam knows you cannot believe the media, cause they hate whitey:

Here’s my theory: Leftists, including the leftist media, are irrational and dishonest and evil. They tell crazy lies because they hate the truth, they hate God, they hate Western Civilization, and they hate white people.

I really don’t think it is any more complicated than that. Genesis Chapter 2. There is good and evil in this world. Leftism is evil.

To be fair, rogue yam calls everyone he dislikes evil, it seems:
I was thinking that you were merely stupid, BF, but now it seems you're evil for sure.
Trailerpark Badass goes empiricist:

I don't believe much of what anyone says anyone, until it's verifiable independently.


  1. Frankly, FR has disappointed me for once. If you want some real quality bigotry over this incident, you have to turn instead to

  2. How CONVENIENT that Ms. Fluke just happened to SHOW UP just in time for a fat radio blowhard to call her a slut and be vilified! OPEN YOUR EYES, SHEEPLE! VOTE GINGRITCH!